20 Shopify Tools You Must Consider in 2023


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 Shopify tools, apps, and software make a lot of processes easier, more streamlined, and can enable sellers to reach more people, sell more products, see actionable metrics, and grow. Below is our top picks for analytics, SEO, marketing, and customer support solutions. 


Shopify Tools for Analytics


A laptop showing an analytics tool you can use for Shopify.


1. Polar Analytics


Polar Analytics is a data platform that provides multi-channel analytics software. The offer one tool to connect all your data sources into one place with a single click. Create dashboards and customize metrics (CAC, CLV, Cohorts, etc.) all without the need for a coder. There are also a number of pre-set dashboards that can help you get started right away. Their manual or automatic alerting system can notify you of an increase or decrease in the metrics you want to keep a close eye on. 


2. Sensai Metrics


Sensai Metrics is an SAAS platform that has developed an eCommerce analytics software made for retail brands. Centralize your data into one source of truth. They use data science algorithms, AI, and machine learning to generate reports. Get actionable insights and forecasts to make better business decisions, scale, implement wiser budgeting, and cut down on monetary and time waste. 


3. Daasity Reporting & Analytics


Daasity is the first Modular Data Platform (MDP) that provides small to large businesses with flexible data solutions. Their Shopify tools for reporting give you access to all you need including sales performance, forecasts, COA and CAC monitoring, retention and repurchase metrics, site funnel analysis, inventory and fulfillment metrics, and more. 


4. Better Reports


Better Reports is am SAAS tool that provides a custom report and analytics service. Using the BRQL syntax they designed, you can personalize what metrics you want to see and save those options to use for other reports. From sales, to inventory, to payouts, you can find the pre-built reports you need, create your own, or ask their team to make one for you. These reports can be downloaded or shared with your team. 


5. Conversific


Conversific is a marketing and profit analytics tool that aims to contextualize data and drive powerful decision-making. Optimize traffic, conversions, and grow your business without fear of losing your bearings. Conversific benchmarks stores against competition in the industry and grants badges you can display for customers to see. Know when customers are most likely to be active on your store, gain insights on product bundles/package opportunities, schedule ad spend on certain time periods, and boost your average order value.


Shopify Tools for Marketing


Different things you can use as Shopify marketing tools.


1. Adobe Campaign for Shopify


Adobe Campaign is a multi-channel marketing solution that uses powerful customer data to deliver ad campaigns. Their data management gives you the information you need to create personalized and relevant campaigns including. The tool’s central workflow management speeds up the creation and delivery of these campaigns and allows you to scale them up as needed. Their campaign experts will help to maximize your ROI and cut down costs. From marketing, to sales and analytics, Adobe Campaign accounts for the entire customer journey viewed on one dashboard.


2. Back In Stock


Back In Stock is a stock notification Shopify tool that alerts customers when the products they want are available again. Quickly install the app and prevent lost sales due to stockout. Some of their main features include an analytics dashboard and reports so you can monitor inventory data, theme and platform integrations, and customization. These integrations and multiple customization options mean you don’t need to worry about notification forms or emails mismatching your store, product pages, or branding in general.


3. Agency 360


Agency 360 is a white label dashboard and reporting platform that gives you access to all marketing channels from a single place. They work with clients from all industries and aim to help them develop comprehensive communication to achieve their business goals. Get exact match branding on your domain and automate your reporting. Their suite of SEO tools also allow clients to monitor their search rankings, audit their site, examine backlinks, and more.


4. Smile


Smile offers loyalty and rewards program creation services for Shopify sellers. These types of programs are valuable Shopify tools for improving customer lifetime value, increasing the chance of referrals. encouraging repeat purchases, improving profit margins, and reducing customer acquisition costs. Smile does this through three rewards incentives: points, referrals, and VIP.  Smile is complete with quick and easy set-up, customization features, and round-the-clock expert support for any questions or guidance you may need along the way.




GoAffPro is a platform that helps eCommerce sellers set up affiliate programs. This type of marketing allows you to partner with influencers and companies who will promote your products to their followers. Set up a branded portal where customers can sign up, get referral links, and you can track their stats. When clicked, your customer gets rewarded with freebies, discounts, and other customizable compensation options. You can automate referral tracking and order attribution and access multiple options for payout. 


Shopify Tools for SEO


Shopify tools


1. AVADA SEO Suite


AVADA SEO Suite offers a suite of Shopify tools catered to your on-page SEO needs. They specialize in image optimization and web structure. They also help you improve site loading speed by making sure high quality images are sized down while maintaining the crisp look that appeal to shoppers. The suite integrates with Search console giving you management and viewing access to traffic metrics and performance. It also has other features like SEO analysis, meta tags optimization, weekly email reports, auto-redirects, etc.


2. SEO Manager


SEO Manager is an app that helps sellers optimize their web pages for better ranking on search engines. Automate the adding of  schema to pages for better SERP visibility. Automate titles and image alt text with customizable templates. Access a real-time SEO performance tracker that tells you how your optimization is impacting your website and how you can improve. SEO Manager integrates with both Google Trends and Analytics making it great for keyword research and campaign management.


3. Yoast


Yoast SEO makes SEO easy so you can scale your business. Create keyword-optimized content get real-time actionable feedback with Yoast SEO and readability analyses. These are tailored to all Shopify content types. Improve your clickthrough rate with rich results and optimize SEO titles and meta descriptions and fix broken links. If you need help with getting set up, Yoast has a team of experts at the ready. Yoast also has courses to get you updated and educated on all things SEO.


4. SEO King


SEO King is an app built by Engage Apps that provides over 20 advanced SEO tools for Shopify stores. Give your site the full SEO treatment with all the image, keyword, text, tags, URL, and structured data optimization you need to be seen and rank higher. Research keywords, bulk edit descriptions and names, and fix 404 errors and indexing issues. Use AI to generate content and access auto-translation tools. Gain comprehensive insights and make the necessary adjustments.


5. Smart SEO


Smart SEO by Sherpas Design is an SEO site tool that Shopify stores can use to rise up the SERP rankings, improve their site traffic, and drive conversions. This SEO toolkit has what you need to automate meta and alt tags, optimize image sizes and page speeds, and fix any busted links. Smart SEO also helps you provide JSON-LD structured data to make it easier for search engines like Google to understand what your store is all about. 


Shopify Tools for Customer Support



1. WhatsApp Helpdesk + Marketing


WhatsApp Helpdesk + Marketing is developed by DelightChat which provides multi-channel customer support inbox and Live Chat. Improve customer experience, improve productivity, and deliver stellar customer service. Get access to WhatsApp Business API and leverage WhatsApp Broadcasts to increase potential sales. Benefit from marketing automation, customize chat templates, recover abandoned carts, send tracking links, and improve your customer retention marketing.


2.  Zendesk Support


Zendesk Support and Chat is an app that allows you to handle customer interactions in one place without tabbing out. This omnichannel Shopify tool enables you to provide live chat, process refunds, and cancellations, and build customer relationships, all from an embedded sidebar. Zendesk helps partners to improve their efficiency, productivity, and boost customer satisfaction rates.


3. eDesk: Live Chat & AI Helpdesk


eDesk offers both customer support and team collaboration all from one user-friendly dashboard. Use built-in automation for quicker response, better efficiency, auto-translations, and less time spent on tedious tasks. Their Live Chat features allow you to create prompts and options for self-service to improve user experience, customer retention, and conversion rates. Gain access to order history and help history for more personal support. 


4. Tidio Live Chat


Tidio is a live chat solution that you can get started for free.  Boost sales and build customer relationships with real-time support. All live chats, emails, and even social media messages can be managed through a shared inbox. Create a list of store visitors and create unique customer profiles for more personalized support. Prepare template replies to save time on FAQs and see what people are chatting before they even ask their question. You can customize how the live chat widget looks in order to maintain brand cohesion.


5. Chatdesk ‑ Email & FB Support


Chatdesk offers technology supported human solutions to build true customer connections. This Shopify tool built by individuals who have worked on Google Assistant is both cost-effective and flexible. This U.S. based chat support is omnichannel and gives you the option to provide all-hour assistance. They can manage all your hiring, training, and managing of support teams. Get chat support agents who know your brand and are trained to communicate with customers in a brand consistent manner.


Final Thoughts on Shopify Tools


Some of the aforementioned Shopify tools do have overlap features with those in other categories. However, the ones listed in their respective categories were particularly built with that area of specialization in mind. 

Now go out there and grow your business! 



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