5 Best Ecommerce Email Marketing Software for Sellers in 2023


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We tend to think that every online business needs eCommerce email marketing software. Email marketing is such a huge part of what drives online sales. Without a system to keep it all under control, you will most likely have an extremely difficult time making it all worth your while.


1. ActiveCampaign


A screenshot of the ActiveCampaign website homepage.


ActiveCampaign is a cloud software company offering eCommerce email marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. To them, it’s all about customers and sales. 


ActiveCampaign’s top ranked marketing automation and email marketing solutions ensure customer base growth, retention, and increased ROI. From sending broadcast emails to more targeted messages, ActiveCampaign gives you the control that you need over what email campaigns make sense for your business.


Software Functions


Email Templates


Create beautiful email campaigns instantly via their drag and drop email designer. No tech experience is required with their library of more than 250+ templates you can customize to fit your branding. 


Email Deliverability


ActiveCampaign makes sure your sent emails are trusted by mailbox providers like Google and by internet service providers, too. This means your emails won’t get trapped in the spam folder or get blocked by generic filters. 




They do in-house MTA (message transfer agent) management which is much cheaper than third parties.  


Reporting and Testing


Through reporting, you can determine which emails perform the best. You can also use split testing to optimize them even further. Gain access to vital metrics and actionable insights, and track campaign performance to improve your campaigns with each run. 


Site Tracking


Monitor customer movement on your website to create a curated customer experience. Know what products and services they interact with and send follow-up emails. 


Add Tags / Segmentation 


Segment your audience for a more streamlined and personal email campaign. Automatically add a tag to contacts who make certain actions, group them together, and send that group the content they want to see. 




This eCommerce email marketing software boasts of over 500+ free pre-built automations. Create triggers and make changes easily.  


Mobile App 


Access actionable insights anywhere.


2. HubSpot


eCommerce email marketing software


HubSpot is a customer relationship management platform comprised of different “hubs” such as marketing, sales and customer service. These can be used seamlessly together as a software ecosystem. 


Their mission is to help business grow with inbound marketing techniques that help people and not harass them. Their eCommerce email marketing solutions have all you need to run an optimal inbound marketing campaign. Increase your traffic and convert your leads, and grow your revenue with customizable emails that you can do yourself. No tech experts needed. 


Software Functions


Templates and Forms


Create beautiful and professional templates that look great, whatever device customers use to view emails on. Choose from the company’s catalog of top-performing pre-built designs. Their drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to customize these templates if you want to give them a more branded look and feel. This enhances the customer experience and helps your emails better reflect your goals. 


Personalized Emails 


Want improved open and click through rates? Customize campaigns to each subscriber by leveraging data to serve up the most relevant emails at the optimal times. 


A/B Tests and Analytics


Evaluate the best subject lines and content to see which will drive the most conversions. Check your engagements, best performing content and other data through analytics to inform your next campaign creation and decision making. 


Powered by HubSpot CRM Data 


One of the benefits of the HubSpot ecosystem is powerful customer data. Email marketing is optimized with updated customer information stored in the HubSpot CRM database. Integration with HubSpot sales CRM software means easier email list-building and customization. 


Free Email Marketing Resources


Gain access to a library of valuable email marketing information, all for free. Get free email marketing certification, too. Learn the ins and outs of campaign strategy and apply it directly with HubSpot’s free email marketing tool. Or, get your marketing team to go through these resources and use them to improve your system. 


Automated Emails and Notifications


Automatically send follow-up emails to potential leads and automate other interactions, too.


3. Klaviyo


eCommerce email marketing software


Klaviyo is an award-winning email marketing platform known for their customer data-driven tools and email automation services made for consumer brands. 


Their eCommerce email marketing solutions help brands track purchases, optimize campaigns, increase their revenue and build customer loyalty. Their goal is to enable lasting business growth and accelerate companies to where they want to be.


Software Functions




This eCommerce email marketing software tool offers pre-built automations that you can customize with your own conditions (trigger splits and conditional splits) to target specific groups of people. These groups then get sent personalized emails automatically.




Personalize your email marketing campaigns by utilizing Klaviyo’s built-in customer data platform (CDP). They also have pre-built campaign templates to get started with. Then you can optimize campaigns with A/B testing. 


Email List Segmentation


Connect with and retain your ideal customers by getting access to a tool that helps you build better segmented email lists. Separately target multiple groups of people based on customer data. 


Custom Templates and Email Forms 


Edit or create templates with their builder. Gain access to over 100+ pre-built templates for things like product announcements and newsletters. You can also browse their popular email designs through Showcase. 


Additionally, you can create customized email forms for a branded sign-up experience. 


Data and Reporting 


Gain actionable insights and track performance metrics in real time. Gain access to predictive analytics, too. 


Email Deliverability


This company’s email deliverability tool ensures that your emails get to your customers and don’t get sent to spam or blocked indiscriminately.


4. OmniSend


eCommerce email marketing software


Omnisend offers eCommerce email marketing solutions through an omnichannel approach. By combining email, SMS, and push notification campaigns, they aim to expand your reach, connect with more consumers, and increase your ROI. 


Their goal is to assist eCommerce businesses in making their marketing efforts more targeted. Their eCommerce email marketing solutions ensure ideal customers are sent personalized messages at the right time via the right channel. Create customized campaigns quick and easy with no coding or long hours spent editing. Optimize the shopping experience with email marketing that will boost your open rates.


Software Functions




Access a library of templates that are designed to help you win. Customize and create professional looking emails that represent your unique brand image. You can even save the templates and apply them to multiple stores. This makes it easy to make changes once and then use these customizations on repeat.


Email Builder


You can create dynamic content blocks designed with eCommerce in mind with Omnisend’s drag-and-drop email builder. These emails can include a product picker, unique discount codes, and show personalized product recommendations.




Boost your conversion rates by categorizing your customers into unique segments. You can use customer profile data, purchase history, and more to create targeted campaigns based on real information. You can choose which of these specific audience segments to include or remove when launching a campaign. 


Increased Open Rates


Make use of Omnisend’s optimization features to increase your email open rates and higher conversion chances. 


Through A/B testing, you can send different subject lines and sender names to a portion of your email recipient and determine the best one. 


Campaign Booster serves as a helper that retargets users who didn’t open your first email to them. Once turned on, they will send recipients an email campaign with a brand new subject line. 




Keep a close eye on your campaign performance and sales with revenue attribution and reporting. Monitor engagements, spot trends, track KPIs, analyze how they change, and see what is and isn’t working. 




Set up omnichannel automations and save time with pre-built workflows.


5. Constant Contact



Constant Contact offers digital marketing solutions created with small businesses in mind. Their platform is easy to use and offers eCommerce email marketing solutions for the little guy. 


The goal of this eCommerce email marketing software was to give small business a fighting chance against the bigger competition. Their tools can help businesses cultivate stronger relationships with its customers, save time, increase revenue, and help the achievement of business goals and growth.


Software Functions


Customizable Templates


Pick from hundreds of email templates and edit them with Constant Contacts’ powerful and easy to use editing tool. Design your emails your way and rest assured they will show up the way you designed them whether viewed on mobile or desktop. 




Their email automation tools ensure you save time and send the right messages to the right people at the right time. Automate welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, personalized discount offers, and more. 


Email Tracking Software 


Track your campaign performance in real time. Save time, monitor prospective customers, and improve your productivity with actionable insights. Get notified about opened emails, links, and other valuable insights from engagement reports, campaign comparisons, and a click-tracking heat map that shows which links are clicked the most.  


Email Lists


Manage your contacts without the hassle. Whether Excel or Outlook, you can upload your contacts and let their tools take care of the next steps.  




Built-in tools allow you to test multiple subject lines. The one that produces the more favorable results will get pushed out to the email recipients. 


Mobile App


Craft, edit, and push out emails quickly, easily and on the go with their Mobile Marketing app. 


Final Thoughts


Whatever eCommerce email marketing software you choose, make sure it’s the one that you’re most comfortable using and that best fits your needs. If you have an email marketing team, make sure you consult them when choosing a tool for your business. They will be able to best inform you on what will work and what might make things harder.


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