EcomBalance Pricing

Custom bookkeeping solutions built for your business

We cater to you based off what your eCommerce business needs most. Start with one of our pre-built plans and easily add on additional services based on what you need most.


Ideal for small, startup businesses
$150 to $400
/ month
  • Monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement within 14 days of end of month.
  • Access to a dedicated eCommerce Bookkeeping team
  • Year-end tax ready financial statements
  • Email response within 1 business day


Perfect for growing businesses
$350 to $800
/ month
  • Everything from Startup
  • Expedited monthly reports within 12 days of end of month.
  • eCommerce (Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, etc.) specific sales and product reports, plus payroll and customer reports.
  • Monthly financial analysis


Reserved for large established businesses
$750 to $2000+
/ month
  • Everything from Essential
  • Expedited monthly reports within 10 days of end of month.
  • eCommerce (Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, etc.) specific sales and product reports, plus payroll and customer reports.
  • Monthly financial analysis

Need a custom plan?

We're all about personalizing our services to your bookkeeping needs. Set up a call with us to share your ideal plan and we'll work with you to make it within your budget.

Add additional services to either plan without any hassle.

Catch up bookkeeping

Starts at $150/mo

If you're behind on your books, don't worry -- we'll gladly get you caught up and we have some amazing deals for this particular service. Get started then reach out to speak with us about getting your books up to date.

Specialized services

Starts at $100/mo

We're here to take everything off your plate. We'll handle your AP and AR, running payroll, paying vendor invoices, and much more. Just create an account to speak with us and get a specialized quote for your additional needs.

EcomBalance Tax

Stop stressing about your taxes every year. We have a trusted network of CPAs that understand eCommerce who we can refer you to. They'll take top care of you and make sure that your taxes are ready to go by April of each year!

Frequently Asked Questions

EcomBalance pricing is charged on a monthly basis or you can pay for the full year upfront and save on your total bill. We offer two basic packages which you can see on our Pricing page on the website then we also offer different add on services depending on how complex your eCommerce business is. After signing up, we’ll reach out to learn more about your business and provide you with an estimate of what your total charges will be per month.

First, we take the time to get to know your business so we can treat it as if it were our own. Here’s what makes us unique: 

  • We’re easy to work with, we’re process driven, and we’re reliable. We work hard so that bookkeeping isn’t a worry of yours and you have a system set up that you can trust and rely on for accurate books.
  • We have eCommerce expertise → all of our bookkeepers and accountants on staff specialize in eCommerce. We understand the nuances of the eCommerce industry and apply that expertise to all of our customer’s businesses. 
  • We take the time to understand your business and be a part of your team. With each customer, we dive into the details so we know exactly how to handle all of the different transactions that come through in your bookkeeping. With us, you’ll have a partner as opposed to just an outsourced service. 
  • We provide top level support and your own dedicated bookkeeping team → You’ll always receive fast responses, accurate information and resources to help you. Plus, you’ll always have a dedicated team that you can get to know and work with for the long run. 

We do our best not to increase prices for our customers. However, as our customers grow and have more transactions and further complexities to their business, it requires us to raise the monthly price every so often. For further details about what thresholds result in an increased monthly rate, please reach out to us and we’ll speak with you about it.

We’re reasonable business owners and we always make sure to hear out our customers. If there is a case where you’ve prepaid for an entire year of services and you want to cancel before the year is over, please reach out to us and we’ll work with you to find a mutually beneficial solution. We also offer monthly billing for those customers that want to go month by month instead of paying for a year upfront.

We do our best to not raise our prices on customers who have prepaid for an entire year. If your business drastically changes and it impacts our ability to service you, we will sit down with you for an honest conversation looking for a fair solution.

No, there are no one-time fees when you sign up. Once we fully understand your business and needs, we’ll provide you with a monthly price and that is the price you’ll start paying as soon as we start services for you.

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