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How Bookkeeping Helped Us Scale to 8 Figures w/ an Exit in 2019

Learn how getting our bookkeeping right with FreeUp helped us grow to $12 million in revenue & an exit to The HOTH in 2019.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How we (Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan) struggled with bookkeeping on our first business & it hurt us. 
  • How we slowly started setting up monthly bookkeeping systems and learning what the numbers meant. 
  • The breakthrough moments when we saw the real power of great monthly bookkeeping. 
  • The story of how we made bookkeeping a top priority at FreeUp, which helped us sell to The HOTH in 2019. 
  • How our experiences with bookkeeping inspired us to start EcomBalance & AccountsBalance
  • Takeaways & advice on how to avoid the bookkeeping pitfalls that we did so it doesn’t hold back your business. 
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