7 Amazon Seller Forums to Look Out for in 2024


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Where can you find the best Amazon seller forums in the USA? How can participating in these communities help you become a better store owner?


In this post, we will be answering those questions and showing you how you can get involved in these communities of thousands. 


What are Amazon Seller Forums?


Online forums are digital spaces where people can engage in discussions on particular topics. They can create posts, reply to threads, and view archived posts. Forums for Amazon sellers host discussions centering around one of the largest online retail giants in the world. But why would a forum be useful to a seller?


Benefits of Participating in Amazon Forums


Learning from experienced sellers and industry experts


As the saying goes, “They walked so you could run your Amazon store more effectively.”, or something like that. Learn from successful sellers and see how they overcame failures and difficulties along the way. By listening to them, you can avoid falling into the same traps and delays that most early sellers fall into. 


Sharing insights, tips, and best practices with other sellers


Forums are a great place to seek help, provide assistance, and find community. Whether it’s about the right settings, pricing strategies, or others, they can help you run your store smoothly. Learn to troubleshoot, optimize, and automate your store operations. 


Building networks and connections within the Amazon seller community


For making the best purchase, customers have help from other buyer reviews. For learning how to sell products the best way, sellers have seller forums. While it’s true that the market is a very competitive place, you’ll find a lot of people more than willing to pull each other up. 


Top Amazon Seller Forums and Communities


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Amazon Seller Central Community (Seller Forums)


We’ll begin this list with the only official Amazon seller forum launched by the company. This forum hosts a community of over a million sellers. Here, sellers can connect with each other and interact with posts and share replies. Sellers, both old and new, can find answers that will help them build and launch a successful Amazon store. 


On Amazon Seller Central forums you can:

  • Sort and filter responses 
  • Vote on responses to see which ones were the most helpful
  • Report and hold posts for review by Amazon
  • Personalize which posts you see
  • See highlighted Amazon responses from company representatives


You can also engage with community managers. These are individuals who interact with posts, share insights and tips, and keep the forums a constructive and helpful environment. 


Facebook Groups


This popular social media platform also hosts many Facebook groups dedicated to helping each other sell stuff on Amazon. There are a lot of forums and communities out there that feel less general and more like Amazon seller forums USA edition. A lot of these Facebook groups give you access to a global community of sellers from the US to the UK to Japan. Learn from experts and be part of communities focused on growth, progress, success and learning from failure. Through these groups, you can grow your network, make friends, and foster potential partnerships. If you’re looking for relatively smaller communities, you can look at Amazon FBA Warriors or Amazon Seller Network. If you’re looking for larger communities, try AMAZON Sellers & FBA Community or Amazon sellers


Warrior Forum


Warrior Forum is one of the largest digital marketing and ecommerce discussion groups in the world. Their forum consists of millions of posts with nearly 2 million members. Because it is a more general marketing forum, you can learn more about selling online and not just on Amazon itself. It’s great for Amazon sellers who want to expand their knowledge on a wider range of topics. These range from email marketing and social media to SEO and even AI. Warrior Forum has a news feed that shows relevant internet marketing topics. You can also look at new threads and top posts voted on by the community. 


eCommerceFuel Forum


This is one of the more exclusive forums. It’s not the kind of forum for beginners. The community comprises 7-8 figure store owners. Not only that, but in order to access the forum, you need to pay a monthly subscription. In exchange, you get to be a part of an active community of successful online sellers and entrepreneurs. While not exclusively an Amazon seller forum, there are a lot of valuable discussions and tips for profitable ecommerce growth


You also get:

  • A group that promotes transparency and trust 
  • Moderators who can tag experts to answer your questions 
  • Searchable archives of hundreds of thousands of discussions
  • Real success and failure stories
  • Case studies 
  • Ad and pitch-free discussions


Discord Groups


Discord is another social platform used for video, voice messaging, and text chatting. You can do this privately or engage with others in a community through servers. Discord even has some gaming and music features. Through voice and video channels, Amazon sellers can easily hop on calls with each other. If someone has an issue, they can share their screen and other sellers can give real-time support. Text channels allow for more specific conversation topics like FBA, Seller Central help, Amazon seller tools, etc. AmazonFBA is the official discord server for the r/FulfillmentByAmazon subreddit. There are other subreddits out there you can search. Some are free and others require a paid membership. 


Reddit: r/FulfillmentByAmazon


Reddit is a combination of a social networking site and community forum. However, most people would agree that it is better known as a platform that houses thousands of communities. These subdivisions of communities are called “subreddits”. Here, people can ask questions, create posts, and interact in the comments. They also have a voting system where highly “upvoted” content gets pushed to more people. R/FulfillmentByAmazon is one of the most popular communities about selling on Amazon and using the FBA service. It’s worth noting that this subreddit is more for established store owners rather than newbie sellers. R/Amazon is another large subreddit. Though the topics are broadened to include Amazon news as well, discussion and help requests are welcome. 


Digital Point


This is another large marketing and webmaster forum. On top of Amazon-related discussions, they also cover several other topics and subtopics. These include search engines, business and marketing, design, and development. It’s also a platform where you can buy, sell and trade. You can also get caught up on the latest industry news. While the website may look out of date, the community of almost a million members is still very active. On top of participating in discussions about Amazon and a dozen other things, you can also catch up on the latest industry news.  


Tips for Engaging in the Amazon Seller Forums


strategies for ecommerce amazon seller forums


Following community guidelines and respecting forum etiquette


Discord welcome channels usually have rules listed there. FB pages usually have you read the rules before becoming a member. Regardless of the platform, make sure to read all the rules carefully. 


While most groups have tailored guidelines, below are some of the most common community guidelines and group rules.

  • Be kind and respectful
  • No spam , promotions, or self-advertising
  • Respect privacy
  • No bullying, hateful speech, or discrimination
  • Specific rules about posts aimed at admins
  • “No profanity” rules


Asking clear and specific questions to get helpful responses


The better you frame your question, the more valuable the responses you will receive. 


Here are some things you might what to consider doing when posting a question to a forum: 

  • Some forums might have formatting rules, so always take that into consideration first before phrasing your question.
  • Use bullet points or numbering in the case of multiple questions (big blocks of text tend to deter people)
  • Provide context to your situation. You don’t want to have to read and reply to 10 different lines of qualifying questions before you get to your real answer. 
  • Provide enough detail while still being concise (less people read through longer questions)


Note: There are some individuals who may use Cunningham’s Law to get the answers they need. It states: “The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question; it’s to post the wrong answer.” While you may have seen this happen successfully in some form or another, we don’t necessarily condone feigning ignorance. 


Providing valuable insights and advice to contribute to the community


On the other side of a well-framed question should be an informative, friendly, and overall helpful response. A good rule of thumb when it comes to forums is not to reply if you aren’t sure that you’re correct. This is also true regardless of the application of Cunningham’s Law. For one, it’s not so much a law as a general observation. Therefore, there is no guarantee that people will correct your deliberately incorrect response. If they don’t, you would be confusing the person asking for help. Regardless, you also don’t want to garner a negative reputation with these communities. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Are these forums accessible to new Amazon sellers?


Yes. While some require approval and certain criteria, most of these forums are available to all sellers. 


Do I need to pay to join these forums?


Most do require you to create a profile and sign up for free. However, there are a few that charge a fee like eCommerceFuel. 


How often should I participate in these forums?


These forums are for those seeking help and a community. There is usually no obligation to ask questions or reply. You can simply browse the posts or pay it forward every once in a while by replying or commenting.


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Final Thoughts


Amazon seller forums are like help desks but bigger, interactive, cooperative, and often faster. Learn together with peers. Glean insights from industry experts, Amazon experts, and successful sellers. Become a better store manager and bond with other merchants. Amazon is a competitive marketplace. It wouldn’t hurt to be a member of a community dedicated to the goal of collective success.


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