Top 25 Amazon Seller Tools to Grow Your Amazon Business


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Amazon seller tools are a useful resource that merchants can use to improve their seller experience, save them time, cut costs, and improve their profitability. We’ve collected 25 of the best tools that you may want to consider.


1. Helium10


Helium 10 is a centralized platform that offers an array of Amazon seller tools for eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs. These tools assist Amazon sellers with a variety of functions. These include product selling and management, monitoring listings and activity, keyword research, trend analysis, and ad campaign optimization. One notable tool is Black Box. With this, you can input specific filters and search the entirety of Amazon instantly to find which products are currently performing the best.


2. Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout is one of the Amazon seller tools that offers a wide variety of tools and services for Amazon sellers. Their data-driven technology allows for multiple management (inventory, campaign, SEO, commission, reviews, etc.), tracking, analytics, and multi-channel marketing solutions. They are best known for its product research tool that provides important metrics to help sellers make the best-informed decision on what they should sell.


3. SellerApp


SellerApp is an eCommerce Intelligence platform that uses powerful AI solutions  to help Amazon sellers grow. They specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and use AI and machine learning to automate campaign functions and interactions. On top of their AI tech, they also have a team of experts ready to assist.


Amazon seller tools


4. AMZScout


AMZScout offers helpful product research solutions that are both affordable and start-up friendly. They can help newer businesses find out which products to sell, and optimize their listings. AMZScout enables even more experienced sellers to benefit from market analysis and competition research. Gain actionable, powerful product-data-driven insights and get ahead of competitors.


5. Seller Snap


Seller Snap offers an Amazon Repricer that uses Game Theory to ensure a smart repricing strategy that maximizes profits. Fully automate your listing price changes with an AI-powered solution that analyzes the behavior of competitors and optimizes your prices in response. Get Buy Box real estate at the optimal price. Save time, stress, and money by avoiding price wars and letting their algorithm do the heavy lifting.


6. eComEngine


eComEngine provides Amazon sellers tools that work for anyone from a newbie seller to a veteran to help them grow even further. FeedbackFive is software that helps build and maintain your reputation through automated review requests, alerts, sales analysis, etc. RestockPro is one of the best inventory management solutions that helps sellers manage purchase orders, simplify shipments, maximize profits, and more.


7. Profasee


Profasee offers a repricing tool that helps Amazon sellers through dynamic predictions of the most optimal prices at any given time. This tool helps sellers automatically set the best prices to maximize profit margins. They recognize that, while Buy Box is important, the real sales battle begins much earlier – on the Amazon search results pages. Their software allows you to get ahead of the competition by optimizing for and winning in this area.


8. Sellics


Sellics has partnered up with Perpetua to help eCommerce sellers scale successfully through a single platform. Both Sellics and Perpetua offer software to improve Amazon ads performance. Their Amazon PPC ad solutions allow for the easy creation and automation of optimized digital campaigns. Whether it’s keyword research or bidding, their automation tool will give you the support you need to increase your revenue. 


Amazon seller tools


9. FeedbackWhiz


FeedbackWhiz offers a suite of Amazon seller tools to enable businesses to “dominate the marketplace”. Their offerings include revenue and expense tracking, listing monitoring and notifications, and data analytics. The three most popular solutions are order management (to view and search for metrics), feedback management (automated email campaigns), and product review management (monitor reviews). The data for these are updated regularly.


10. AMZFinder


AMZFinder is a product review monitoring software that allows Amazon sellers to keep track of what customers are saying about their products. Their review management tools and system include review request emails, automatic invoicing, reporting, and even blacklisting services. This software was made with Amazon sellers in mind and works best on the Amazon marketplace. 


11. PPC Ninja


PPC Ninja offers Amazon advertising, software services, and outsourcing to agencies and brands. Their PPC and Amazon DSP management services include PPC software and Google Ads for Amazon sellers. The only solution that presently enables you to set multi-level target ACoS at the Product, Campaign, and Branded Keyword levels is PPC Ninja. Optimize your PPC endeavors with their 30-point SOP checklist.


12. Feedvisor


Feedvisor serves as an intelligence and advertising optimization tool for businesses and merchants on Amazon. Their AI technology, machine learning, and data-backed intelligence bring manual and automated campaigns to a new level of optimization. Their other solutions include their Algo-Repricer, content management, multi-channel marketing, inventory management, and SearchGraph (a technology that tracks the share of voice among competitors and identifies relevant search terms for ASINs).


13. ZonGuru


ZonGuru offers Amazon seller tools and resources designed by sellers for sellers. Their suite of tools involves product research tools including Niche Finder (find niche opportunities) and Sales Spy (track competitors. They also have listing optimization tools, metric tracking, monitoring and alerts, several management solutions (SEO, inventory, order, Reviews, etc ), and customer engagement tools (email and review automator).




Repricer offers an automated pricing optimization tool that easily and quickly adjusts your pricing in response to competitor behavior. Repricer enables you to sync your inventory, set your min-max prices, optimize for Buy Box, track competitors, and adjust prices based on stock level. When a competitor makes a move you can reprice your products as fast as 90 seconds.


Amazon seller tools


15. Cogsy


Cogsy is a platform all about giving Amazon brands visibility of their stock levels and inventory levels at all times. Their demand planning tool allows sellers to meet customer demands and never worry about running low or running out. Forecast customer demand, adjust your inventory, map out growth, and scale your business with the visible data you need.


16. Teikametrics


Teikametrics offers eCommerce software specializing in pricing optimization, operations,  inventory, and automation software for small businesses to large enterprises. Teikanetrics’ AI-powered Flywheel 2.0 automates campaign creation, bidding workflows, and keyword targeting. This marketing analytics solution allows you to generate reports, make smarter advertising decisions, and. optimize your campaign strategies.


17. AI Hello


AIHello is a full automation platform for Amazon ads. Their AutoPilot AI is meant to help sellers increase profitability while taking the load associated with ad management and reducing ACoS (Amazon cost of sales). Benefit from automated keyword discovery, bid optimization, bid boosting, and keyword transferring between automatic and manual campaigns. Observe changes in AI bidding through a visual log.


18. AmzChart


AmzChart is a product research tool for Amazon backed by powerful, big data and AI technology. All of your product research needs are in one platform. Analyze Amazon Best Seller Rank, monitor product popularity and performance, analyze category data, and track keywords to get ahead of the competition. Find the best product opportunities and capitalize on them.


19. Viral Launch


Viral Launch offers a suite of Amazon seller tools needed for scaling on the platform. Their toolkit includes product research, in-depth analytics, competitor tracking, automated keyword research, keyword tracking, and advertising & PPC services ( ad rank tracking, suggested bids, etc. ). They also have a collection of free resources to stay updated on what you need to know about selling on Amazon. 


Amazon seller tools


20. Smart Scout


SmartScout is a software solution that’s all about helping sellers find the best product opportunities. They provide you with the metrics you need about each category and subcategory, market share, ASIN traffic data, and can show you the resell history of any seller. Whether you are a Private Label Seller looking for white-label products or a Wholesaler looking for brands to work with, Smartscout can help you make the best data-driven decisions. 


21. Keepa


Keepa offers solutions for Amazon product research and price monitoring. Keepa’s kit of Amazon seller tools includes three primary offerings Deals (product research database to find discounts), Data (product research dashboard for finding products, their sales rank, and the top sellers), and Track (price monitoring, price history, wishlists, etc.).


22. ManageByStats is a seller-built platform offering an Amazon-integrated tool suite. They are a one-stop shop for all your Amazon seller needs. They offer product sales performance graphs, statistics, a profit dashboard, feedback, and review automation, ad campaign management solutions, product finders, and more. Their Amazon Inventory Management allows you to forecast stock needs and meet customer demand.


23. Sellozo


Sellozo offers a collection of Amazon seller tools all geared toward improving management and optimization. Their AI-forward advertising software, was created to help increase revenue, cut down on advertising costs, and automate various interactions to optimize ad campaigns. Their Campaign Studio and dedicated account management enables you to build your campaign strategy the way you want.


24. SellerMetrics


SellerMetrics is a tech-enabled agency built by sellers that aim to grow brands with Amazon Advertising. They do this by combining Amazon’s advertising strategies and operations to increase profitability and boost brand awareness. Their data-backed solutions and comprehensive reporting allow for smarter decision-making to improve overall business performance. 


25. Landing Cube


LandingCube offers Amazon seller tools to launch and grow their brand on the platform.  They are branding-focused with their solutions which include landing page creation and link management/branded URL creation. Promote your brand and drive conversions from multiple different channels. They also have post-purchase funnel tools to improve the customer experience.


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Final Thoughts on the Top 25 Amazon Seller Tools


Whether a beginner or an experienced seller, these Amazon seller tools can optimize your efforts and bring you greater success on the giant eCommerce platform.  


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