3 Steps To Make Shoppable Videos


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Let’s dive into how you can create effective interactive shoppable videos for your platform. We have listed the examples in the article for you!


What Are the Benefits of Shoppable Videos?


Shoppable videos are those videos which are interactive. The format allows viewers to shop directly from it, this happens via CTA’s in the form of links, buttons, or elements that take the viewer to the product page. Over here is where customers can make a purchase. 


These videos combine the power of video marketing with Ecommerce. Therefore, providing a seamless shopping experience for clients. With a steady increase in online shopping to the point where there are 2.14 billion online shoppers, it is the perfect opportunity to start implementing video shopping.


1. A modern customer experience


Shoppable videos can provide a modern customer experience, by allowing viewers to interact with products directly in the video. Ever since the exponential increase in popularity of video content. All these give us a very simple yet engaging way for consumers to discover and purchase products.


With the use of clickable links and CTA’s in the video. Clients can easily access product information and make purchases. Shoppable videos enable the new technology which allows the consumer not having to leave the video or, even, navigate many websites.


Moreover, shoppable videos can be personalized. This is done, so you can meet the needs and preferences of different consumers. By doing research on their different target markets. Businesses can create personalized shoppable videos. These videos show their product ranges that are intriguing to each individual customer.


shoppable videos


2. Increased consumer engagement


Shoppable videos offer an engaging experience for customers. It allows consumers to see products in a unique and different way. It drastically increases the chances of a purchase as customers get an in-depth view. 


Shoppable videos can also help to increase viewer engagement as it offers an interactive shopping experience due to the clickable links, embedded in it.  Customers tend to engage more with videos, and 3 or 4 times even more with an interactive one.


3. Improved conversion rates


This video format can really help increase your conversion rates. By providing a more interactive and effortless shopping experience for customers. As mentioned above, this happens because it allows consumers to buy directly from the video in a completely seamless process. 


So how may this benefit you? If you put in place this strategy, it will reduce the number of steps involved in the purchasing process. According to research, shoppable videos will help your brand increase conversions by 30%. Therefore, with the utilisation of shoppable videos, your business can start increasing its sales and at the same time its conversions too.


Three Steps to Get Started with Shoppable Videos on Your Online Store


Shoppable videos have become an extremely popular tool now. So, if you’re looking to boost sales and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Start implementing these video formats on your online store. Below are the necessary steps to get started:


1. Creation: Record short videos, or reuse them from social networks


The switch to shoppable videos is not complicated. In fact, it’s quite straightforward. If your brand is already using short and informative content on your social networks. The video format will come to you quite naturally. The reason is, creating a shoppable video just requires you to record a short video, the main difference comes in post-production. 


In post-production, you will have the choice of using various forms of CTA’s. But, If your brand specializes in live shopping, to make the transition into shoppable videos, it’s very simple. All you have to do is cut and edit the content in shorter videos where they talk about one specific product.


shoppable videos


2. Edit: Create video feeds, and tag products on top of them


A) Integrate their website


The first thing you have to do is to integrate the shoppable video on your website. This means that you have to make an account and connect it to your website.


B) Create feeds of short videos,


After you complete that step, the next thing you need to do is to create a feed of short videos. These short videos must show your product range that you would like to sell. 


These videos are super easy to make and can actually be made in-house. If you want to produce high-end videos. You may use proper equipment to make professional level videos.


C) Tag products on videos,


The shoppable video platform allows businesses to tag products on the videos. This means that viewers can click on the products while watching the video. They will be taken to the product page on the website.


D) Choose a display format,


The shoppable video platform is such a useful component. This is because of the different displays it provides. It has options ranging from pop-ups, also known as bubbles, to overlays. 


Depending on these formats, you can tag your products accordingly. These tags are on the video and can be customized to fit the business’s branding.


E) Publish on web pages


Lastly, you have to then publish the shoppable videos on your website or wherever else you may want too. You may do this by embedding the videos on your product or landing pages, or even have a separate section for it.


3. Publish: Choose pages to publish videos


When it comes to publishing shoppable videos. There are two places where you can publish these videos. These pages are on your homepage and your product pages. Now, let me tell you why these are the two most important pages for you:




This page is so vital. This is because it is one of the first things your potential client sees of your business. So, how can you get this done? You will need to embed shoppable videos on your homepage page. 

It is crucial for your business because it will drive traffic to your product page. This is all done via the clickable links. Don’t forget that this will not only increase traffic, it will also boost your engagement.


Product pages: 


Now moving on to the page where you would want to drive traffic, too. That being Product Pages also known as PDP. This is where your potential consumers can convert to customers. This is all achieved, through shoppable videos. 

Your businesses can provide an interactive and engaging experience for visitors. Shoppable videos will not only provide a better experience. But, it also helps to inform potential consumers. This is when making the decision of purchasing the goods or services you provide. 



shoppable videos


4 Shoppable-video Use Cases We Love to See


Product discovery


Shoppable videos are for those potential consumers who have just come on to your website. These are those potential consumers that have not come to make a purchase. In fact, they have no clear intentions. They’ve just come on to your website to browse. Over here is where this format is highly effective! 


The goal of product discovery is to convert the traffic into customers. This is all done with the use of links and CTA’s to help navigate the traffic and make them into consumers. A business can achieve it by using CTA’s that will navigate a customer to a product page to help increase the chances of conversions.




I am sure you have come across a video tutorial of someone explaining how a product works. The most common example we see is the cosmetics industry, with routines. This is when a person is applying a makeup product to themselves.


The goal of this video use case is to show how to use the product, and clear any doubts when it comes to it. Think of these forms of videos as an informative session where all your doubts are cleared. There’s often a link as well which will lead you to purchase the goods showcased in this video.


Customer reviews


Another form of shoppable videos are customer reviews. In my opinion, it is one of the most effective forms. If you have customer reviews, make sure you embed them on your website! 


You are probably wondering why I think these are so important? For me personally, when I visit a website, watching videos where consumers review a product gives me a sense of authenticity and transparency. It also gives me a good idea about what I will receive from this company. These are also a form of user generated content. 


Moreover, after I see a person review a good via a website, I also get to see it in any and every angle. This gives me the whole scope of the good. This all leads me to trusting the website. Hence, I would personally click the link on the video and make a purchase myself.


Thank-you videos


Last, but not least, is the thank-you video form. This may seem a bit confusing, but, let me tell you why this is a useful form for you. This is when you send a personalized video to your users. After they have bought something from you. The goal of this is to humanize the experience. As well as please the visitors when it comes to the post-purchase phase. 


One of the biggest uses this can provide you with is customer retention. I believe that retaining customers is one of the most important aspects of a business. This is because it saves you time and money spent on marketing trying to acquire new consumers.


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Video shopping will soon become one of the most utilized marketing tools as it proves to be such an adaptable tool. Businesses can leverage the tool and use it for whatever purpose they may need, whether it being to drive more conversion or making potential customers sign up for a blog. Utilizing shoppable videos opens up a multitude of possibilities for exposing your brand to limitless opportunities.

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