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Are you looking for free bookkeeping resources or accounting resources to help you understand what to do for your business? Or, maybe you want information from bookkeeping books to learn how to better manage and support your bookkeeper? You might even be a bookkeeper looking for ways to hone your skills! 


Whatever the case, we created this post for you to learn bookkeeping, do home bookkeeping, and more! You’ll find 38 of the following:


  • Guides and Tutorials
  • Tools and Software
  • Free Bookkeeping Courses Online 
  • YouTube Channels
  • Templates and Spreadsheets


Let’s dive in!


(And don’t forget to check out our Bookkeeping Basic Worksheet!)


Tools and Software


1. QuickBooks


Possibly the most popular of all bookkeeping resources. This accounting software offers you more than just the basic features. You can use it online or install it on your computer. Enjoy advanced bookkeeping ease whether you are a freelancer, small business owner, or an accountant. QuickBooks


2. Xero


Cloud-based accounting resources offering bank reconciliation and more on top of the usual invoicing, expense tracking, etc. Xero


3. Wave


This accounting software is free but versatile. Wave designed this tool for small businesses (including freelancers!) and entrepreneurs. It has the basic features, including invoicing, receipts, and accounting reports. Wave


4. FreshBooks


Another cloud-based accounting tool that offers the basics like invoicing and expense tracking, but also has time tracking and financial reporting capabilities. FreshBooks


5. Zoho Books


One of the simpler online free bookkeeping resources that includes basic features like invoicing, expense tracking, and inventory management. You can get more complex features with their paid version. Zoho Books


6. Sage 50cloud


Also has both a desktop and cloud version offering features for cash flow tracking, invoicing, and financial reporting. Sage 50cloud


7. Kashoo


A simple accounting tool best for small businesses. It has bank reconciliation, invoicing, and expense tracking features, among others. Kashoo


Guides and Tutorials


A laptop and a clipboard noting down bookkeeping resources


8. Basic Bookkeeping Principles


A guide by AccountingCoach that explains the basic concepts and principles of bookkeeping. AccountingCoach – Basic Bookkeeping Principles


9. Beginning Bookkeeping Tutorial


An introductory guide by Bean Counter that covers the essentials of bookkeeping for new business owners. Bean Counter – Learn Bookkeeping


10. Bookkeeping Tips


A collection of tips to help you do your bookkeeping right. Beginner-Bookkeeping – 12 Small Business Bookkeeping Tips


Free Bookkeeping Courses Online


11. Coursera – Introduction to Financial Accounting


A course offered by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. You get a comprehensive introduction to financial accounting concepts. Coursera – Introduction to Financial Accounting


12. Udemy – Bookkeeping Basics: Understand the Fundamentals


A beginner bookkeeping course that covers the most important bookkeeping practices and concepts. Udemy – Bookkeeping Basics


13. edX – Introduction to Financial Accounting


A course offered by the University of British Columbia. It teaches the main accounting concepts and principles. edX – Introduction to Financial Accounting


14. Skillshare – Bookkeeping for Beginners


A course that goes over the basics of bookkeeping like keeping track of financial transactions and getting accounts set up. Skillshare – Bookkeeping Classes


Websites and Blogs


A laptop with a notebook and pen in front of it. Recording bookkeeping resources


15. AccountingCoach


A site that offers a wide variety of free accounting resources aimed at employees, bookkeepers, accountants, small business owners, and students. They have three basic categories: financial, managerial, and bookkeeping resources.


16. Bench Blog


A blog that is home to a bunch of posts that are mainly about accounting, bookkeeping, and tax tips. Their aim is to help you to better understand the financial aspects of your small business. They also cover banking, operations, and starting a business. Check out Bench news to stay updated and their other resources as well.


17. Sage Advice Blog


A blog for insights, tips, and advice on cash flow, financial management, HR, payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, and business growth. 


18. EcomBalance Blog


A blog offering weekly bookkeeping tips as well as accounting advice geared towards eCommerce and digital business owners. The posts are neatly categorized into the topics of bookkeeping, accounting, and eCommerce. They also offer partner spotlights for businesses that want to partner with them and EcomBalance news items so partners and clients can stay updated on the latest goings-on at the company.


19. AccountsBalance Blog


A blog that provides bookkeeping & accounting guides and tips and advice for online business owners. The posts are neatly categorized into the topics of bookkeeping and accounting. They also offer partner spotlights for businesses that want to partner with them and AccountsBalance news items so partners and clients can stay updated on the latest goings-on at the company.


20. Wave Blog


A blog focused on providing free bookkeeping resources as well as free accounting guides. You can get information on taxes, payments, entrepreneurship, and small business. They also have a news section where you can learn more about them.


21. Accounting Web


This online community and resource hub gives you the latest accounting news plus business tips and industry insights. You also get access to discussions as well as tech information and other accounting and free bookkeeping resources.


22. Sage Advice Blog


A blog to get insights, tips, and advice on HR, payroll, cash flow, bookkeeping, accounting, and business growth. 


23. QuickBooks Resource Center


This blog offers essential resources for starting, running, and growing a business. Whatever size your business is, you can apply their tips with confidence. Browse articles, guides, and free bookkeeping resources as well as information on financial management.


24. Accounting Today


A news and information resource for accountants and accounting professionals. You’ll find various accounting resources plus articles on tax, audit, practice management, and tech. Visit their Firm Growth Center as well and browse for events as well as reports and rankings. They even have Accounting Today Podcasts, webinars and whitepapers, and a magazine!


25. ProfitBooks Blog


A blog covering a variety of topics around taxation, and business management, plus bookkeeping and accounting resources.


26. Enkel Back Office Blog


A site giving you insights into bookkeeping books and business finances. They focus on the tech and startup sectors.


YouTube Channels


A screenshot of a YouTube page. bookkeeping resources


27. Simon Sez IT YouTube Channel


A channel offering a variety of information, including free bookkeeping resources. Discover tutorials on various software tools like QuickBooks accounting software.


28. FitSmallBusiness


This channel also covers various business topics. Their aim is to give people the best answers to their questions. Check out their guides, articles, and tutorials on bookkeeping and accounting topics.


29. AIPB (American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers)


The official AIPB channel where you can access discussions and free video tutorials around bookkeeping. 


30. Bean Counter


A channel for free accounting and bookkeeping tutorials and videos. Access lectures on accounting terms and definitions, balance sheets, income statements, accounting equation, accounting principles and rules, debits and credits, trial balance, inventory, payroll, double entry bookkeeping, special journals, adjusting entries, cash controls, chart of accounts, and the like.


31. Learn Accounting for Free


A channel that provides free bookkeeping resources. Learn bookkeeping and beginner level comprehensive tutorials on accounting. 


32. Bookkeeping Master


A channel offering tips and tutorials on bookkeeping, accounting software, and related topics.


33. Easy Accounting


On the Easy Accounting YouTube channel, CPA Jason covers topics around accounting software, bookkeeping, and financial management for small businesses.


34. Accounting Stuff


A channel offering insights into accounting and tutorials on bookkeeping concepts.


Templates and Spreadsheets


35. Microsoft Excel Templates


Planners and tracker templates can help you get a better start on new projects. These templates will also add flair to already excellent functionality. Excel Design Templates from Microsoft


These Excel templates are designed specifically for financial management. Financial Management Templates from Microsoft


36. Google Sheets Templates


If you prefer to use Google Sheets, you can find a ton of useful templates. They can help you learn bookkeeping or do home bookkeeping. Google Workspace Template Gallery for Sheets


Forums and Communities


37. Reddit Bookkeeping


Browse all kinds of questions and answers around bookkeeping, respond to threads, and start your own. Sometimes there are just some things you need to talk to fellow number crunchers about. Bookkeeping Topics on Reddit


38. Intuit Community


If you use QuickBooks, you can take advantage of their special online community. You can start conversations with fellow QuickBooks users, get answers to your toll-related questions, search for expert tips, and learn bookkeeping with the software on a whole other level. QuickBooks US Community or QuickBooks Global Community


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I rely solely on bookkeeping resources for professional accounting work?


Professional accountants need more than your average free online tutorial or course to build a career. Most countries require a certain level of professional education and certification to work as an accountant. 


Are bookkeeping resources suitable for beginners?


Most free bookkeeping resources are indeed suitable for beginners. You can get the basic training you need from accounting resources, too. These courses give you a good background to start doing bookkeeping work. Note that you usually do not need any official training to do bookkeeping work.


How do I choose the right bookkeeping resources for me?


Most free bookkeeping resources are very basic. When you look through what’s available online, pay close attention to the titles. That will give you an idea of the level of instruction these courses or tutorials offer. You can also use website search features to find specific topics if you are done with all the basic training.


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And here’s some free resources:

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9 Steps to Master Your Ecommerce Bookkeeping Checklist

The Ultimate Guide on Finding an Ecommerce Virtual Bookkeeping Service

What Is a Profit and Loss Statement?

How to Read & Interpret a Cash Flow Statement

How to Read a Balance Sheet & Truly Understand It




We hope that this list helped you to locate the free bookkeeping resources you were looking for!


That said, keeping up with all the different bookkeeping duties can be overwhelming! If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out! 


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