Top 9 Best Reviewed Amazon Seller Scanner Apps for 2024


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amazon seller app scanner


We see so much Amazon seller app scanner variety that we don’t know where to start! If you’re on the same boat, we’ve got your back, though. We looked through the best Amazon seller scanner app options and came up with a list. This post showcases our best picks, and we’re pretty confident you can find the one for you among them.


What is an Amazon Seller Scanner App?


The Amazon seller app scanner variety available have some basic features in common. First, your average scanner app is a retail arbitrage tool that you can download to your smartphone. The app helps them to locate products that they can sell to make a profit. The reason why they are called scanner apps is because they scan product barcodes.


When you use the app to scan a product, it will show you a bunch of data on that product. For instance, you will see how many people are selling it on Amazon and how much it sells for. You can also see its sales rank history and profitability score along with many other statistics. 


A free Amazon seller scanner app will have these basic features mentioned above. The best Amazon seller scanner app will always depend on what other features you want.


How Amazon Seller Scanner Apps Work


A free Amazon seller scanner app will work just fine for most sellers, in our opinion. They can be free and still work well because they use your smartphone’s camera. The app takes a picture of a barcode, then tells you what data is on that barcode.


After you install an Amazon seller app scanner option, you just open the app and take pictures. All the app really does is decode the barcode language and tell you what it says. Depending on what was stored on a barcode, it can give you a little or a lot of information. The type of information you will get also, of course, depends on what’s been coded on the barcode. Most apps can tell you in a second or two what a barcode says. 


Why Use an Amazon Seller Scanner App


amazon seller app scanner


Save Time and Effort 


Even a free Amazon seller scanner app will tell you what you need to know in a couple of seconds. Plus, all you need to do it take a picture. You don’t have to be the best at snapshots, either. As long as the lines aren’t too blurry, the app will be able to read the barcode. This is a very fast and easy way to find the best products to add to your Amazon store. 


Choose Products Wisely


When you do retail arbitrage, you need to know what products to sell on Amazon to make the most profit. This includes making choices that involve the least amount of hassle. With the best Amazon seller scanner app, you are equipped with the information you need to choose wisely.


More than just profitable products, you also want items that will not cause you headaches. Some things have obviously high price tags, but what are the hidden costs? What are the risks involved in packing and shipping these items? Will you be able to sell enough of them to make all that trouble worthwhile? Or, can you sell something different much more smoothly? You can use barcode data to solve some of these questions. The important thing is to know what questions need answering in the first place. 


Gain a Competitive Edge


Taking into consideration all of the above, will you be able to compete with other sellers? Even high ticket items and those with wide profit margins won’t automatically make you rich. You must know how much of the market share you can capture. Al lot more goes into this that just creating a listing. As you scan for new ideas, make sure your store is ready to support the items. This means great customer service and optimized listings, at least. You might also want to consider some Amazon advertising and promotions.


Best Amazon Seller Scanner App Options 


amazon seller app scanner


These are our picks of the top paid and free Amazon seller scanner app options in the market. We picked them for their features regardless of the cost. So, make sure you check what you’re getting before committing to one.


Amazon Seller App


The Amazon Seller app is an ecommerce app from Amazon. It’s free to use for Amazon sellers. It’s a lot more than just a scanner, but even this feature is amazing. You can use its visual search feature to scan even those products that don’t have a visible barcode on them. Then you can get help with creating product listings and adding offers to older products. It helps you manage your store from your phone or tablet. You can keep track of sales from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also make quick listing changes and manage orders on the go. It even sends you notifications when a customer posts a review or sends an inquiry.




Most Amazon sellers know Keepa as a price and sales data chart extension. It even integrates well with apps like Profit Bandit, Scoutify 2, Scoutly, and SellerAmp. But imagine combining the ability to gather accurate historical data about most products on Amazon with barcode scanning. The free version has limited functionality, but the paid version is just under 21 US dollars per month. This gives you all that valuable historical product data at your fingertips while you scan for potential products to sell. On top of that, you get product rating, review count, new offers, and Amazon offers.


Neatopricer by Neatoscan


This app uses a barcode scanner on your smartphone to quickly check the value of various merchandise. It gives you access to the unique Neatoscan database plus a live look-up feature as well.


Profit Bandit


The creators of Profit Bandit focused on an app that makes sure Amazon sellers make a profit on each product they sell. For 9.99 USD per month, you get an unlimited number of scans. It gives you data straight from Amazon, plus additional third-party data if you want it. The app highlights Amazon’s offer, if available. It also tells you who has the Buy Box for the item because it’s not always going to be the lowest price.


Profit Bandit calculates your profit from 15 factors, so you get an accurate estimate. Then, you can list the amazing items you find straight from the app. You can also check restricted items if you sign into Amazon first. We love the scanning history, which helps you avoid repeat scans. The ability to connect via bluetooth is also pretty amazing.




This is one of the easiest Amazon seller app scanner to use. ScanPower stays up to date with fast changes on Amazon so you can, too. As an all-around FBA inventory management tool, you can go from scanning a new product to listing it. You can also manage orders and create shipments without going through Seller Central. This app is more expensive that others at 79 USD per month. However, all the features is carries make it a viable option. For instance, you get real-time market insights on pricing alongside accurate sales analytics and the trends for best sellers rank. You also get loads of details with each scan plus Bluetooth scanner support.


Scoutify 2


We have to start off by saying that you can only use Scoutify 2 if you have an Inventory Lab subscription. That will cost you 69 USD a month. If that works for you, then you’re in for a treat. Scoutify 2 is easy to use and faster even than the Amazon Seller app. And yes, it does give you loads of details on scanned products. If you don’t have a barcode to scan, you can search by product name. The app calculates net profit and ROI on all FBA offers, plus new and used offers. We love the green thumbs up sign that quickly shoes you if a product is a good deal. The app is super accurate and links to eBay and Google for price comparisons.




This Threecolts product is scanner specifically for books. You can use it for other items, but books are why it was created. What we love best about this app is that you can scan products offline. Just download Amazon’s product database onto the phone where you have ScoutIQ installed. We also really like the ability to set buy triggers that tell you when great deals pop up. Then you can accept or reject them.


ScoutIQ is probably best known for speed. It is able to connect to a Bluetooth scanner for even faster scanning. If you keep your camera on through speed mode, you can scan continually. The app will feed you the product data on the top of your screen. eScore is a unique feature that shows you how many days a product has gone on sale within the past 180 days. At 14 USD per month for live mode only, it’s a steal. If you want database mode, you’ll have to pay 44 USD a month.


Scoutly (formerly FBAScan)


This app also allows you to download Amazon’s database onto your phone. Using this feature, you can get pricing information for a product in under a second. This includes items listed on the Amazon North America catalog. If you’re searching in the UK and Europe, you need to use the live search feature. Scoutly automatically calculates your potential profit while showing your all the Amazon seller fees you need to pay, whether you are FBA of FBM. What we love is that you can customize triggers, like what level of profit you want to target. It’s also cool to get data back a whole year on product pricing, rank, and the Buy Box. If you can’t see a barcode, you can use OCR to scan ISBN numbers. 




This app also has a web-based app counterpart and a Chrome extension. This makes it more easily accessible wherever you choose to work. It’s simple and easy to use with customizable alerts. SellerAmp scans storefronts for products to sell and feeds you in-depth data analysis through Keepa Charts. It gives you information on item pricing and sales ranks, fast. SellerAmp offers an efficient user experience for 19.95 a month on their Getting Started plan. Then, if you like it, you can access additional features for 27.95 USD a month on their Getting Serious plan. 


Frequently Asked Questions


A blue question mark on a pink background.


What are the key differences between free and paid Amazon seller scanner apps?


The free Amazon seller app scanner options will almost always have fewer features. They will also offer only the more basic functions, or limited access. The paid options unlock advanced features and more data.


What are the most essential features to look for in an Amazon seller scanner app for beginners?


The main things to look for in a scanner app are: 


  • accurate and comprehensive data for making wise decisions to sell certain products
  • convenience and ease of use in app (e.g. a smooth interface, intuitive navigation and data retrieval, smart integrations) and across devices (i.e. phone, tablet, and desktop, depending on what you prefer to use)


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Final Thoughts


Note that most of the Amazon seller app scanner options available work on Androids and iPhones. If you have a different operating system on your smartphone, do a quick search for your specific device. This can save you a lot of time and effort!


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