Top 11 Amazon Seller University Training Videos for New Sellers


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amazon seller university


Amazon Seller University YouTube videos are great sources of information for new sellers. Any seller who is just getting started on the marketplace can learn a lot. In this post, we’ll go over several areas that Amazon Seller University covers. We may not get to the goods of how to be an online selling success. However, we hope we can whet your appetite! 


Understanding Amazon Seller University


Through Seller University, Amazon provides free learning resources. They created this platform so that sellers can start on the right foot. They want sellers to be able to build their business with Amazon the right way. With resources like the following, any seller can jump in and learn new strategies to grow their business. Seller University has so many videos, webinars, and PDFs available. With all of that, anyone can pretty much get any question they have answered within a few minutes.


Benefits of Enrolling in Amazon Seller University


With Seller University access, newbies and veterans alike can get the hang of pretty much any Amazon tools. They have access to these tools as an Amazon seller to help them be successful on the marketplace. To use these tools, however, they need to know how. If a seller can learn to use them to their fullest, they are instantly three steps ahead of the average online seller. The university content can also help anyone helping in the store get up to speed with the different seller processes. This will save them time and effort in the long run. And we all know that this streamlining can really boost the bottom line. When the entire team gets up to date, the benefits really become evident!


Seller University has a comprehensive library that covers many different topics. Sellers can learn new skills as they also sharpen old ones to stay on top of their game. It’s up to the learner to choose whether to take in the content as it is ordered. They can also just select the topics that they want to brush up on and leave the rest for later. Whether a beginner or a veteran, any seller can register for webinars. These sessions include live Q&A portions with Amazon experts so everyone can get down to the specifics.


Why Amazon Seller University is Important for Sellers


Seller University will help sellers get started on Amazon quicker. This is a leg over the competition for sure because they start off well-informed. This means that they can avoid most of the early problems that other sellers face. They will get equipped to troubleshoot issues that arise. This way, they won’t be paralyzed because they are waiting for help. 


This resource is more than just getting the hang of online selling concepts. It’s even more than learning Amazon vocabulary and acquiring Seller Central skills. Sellers will get educated on how to avoid pitfalls as a seller on this world-class marketplace. By customizing interests, sellers can identify the materials they need faster. One of our favorite benefits is getting Seller University training while working in Seller Central! No one who’s managing an Amazon store has the time to learn on the side. With the Seller University setup, no one needs to take time out to learn. They just watch whatever video tutorial they need on the actual page they’re working on. Yup! Learn while doing the task, without having to leave the page. 


Top 11 Amazon Seller University Training Videos


amazon seller university


There’s more on offer than Amazon Seller University YouTube videos. Here, though, we want to give you a taste with our top picks in this category. The first two are in-depth, and for the rest we’ll give you just the tip of the iceberg.


Overview of Amazon FBA services


The overview videos generally give viewers an idea of what a feature is, why a seller needs it, and how to use it. This one on Fulfilled by Amazon helps sellers to identify and use all the related services offered in the program. For instance, FBA offers several services that make sellers’ jobs easier. The video describes the 7 core FBA services:


  • Amazon Partnered Carriers. This feature gives sellers incredibly discounted rates for taking care of shipping their own inventory to fulfillment centers. This is available for small parcel delivery (SPD), less- than-truckload (LTL), or full-truckload shipments. These shipment discounts apply to all US States except Alaska and Hawaii. Using this partnered carrier service can significantly cut costs for sellers. The service is also very convenient since Amazon bills the seller’s account directly. Deductions show up on the records as inbound transportation charges. 


  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). MCF is a service that allows sellers to use the  inventory that they have in Amazon fulfillment centers to fill other orders. For example, customers might place orders on their private websites and other shopping channels like social media. A seller can link these channels to Amazon so that FBA can take care of picking and packing for all of them. This gives customers the same Amazon speed they love. Plus, they can take advantage of the seller’s personalized website experience and brand service. 


  • FBA Label. Amazon can generate and apply barcode labels to inventory so sellers don’t have to. A seller pays a per-item-fee and they take care of it. As long as the products are not in any prohibited or restricted category, or are high value, any seller can take advantage of this service. All the products must also have their own single, scannable barcode that is connected to its unique ASIN. All the ASINs must be duly registered in Amazon’s catalog, of course. All products must also have their own product IDs.


The video goes on to talk about FBA Prep, FBA Repackaging, Inventory Placement, and Manual Processing. But you get the idea! The video also shows sellers where they can find each service’s help page on Amazon Seller Central by searching for “FBA services”. This way, they can get additional text help within the platform.


Benefits of enrolling a brand in Amazon Brand Registry


Brand Registry enrollment unlocks several benefits. The video that covers this teaches:


Listing creation and management helps sellers show that they are the original rights owner who enrolled the brand. With millions of product detail pages in the Amazon store, this is really helpful. Customers can see the registered seller distinctly from all the others. This is especially helpful because many sellers share listings. Products that belong to enrolled brands are not free for all. Only the original brand owner, sellers internal to the brand, and approved resellers can create product detail pages. Their suggestions for edits are also prioritized. This gives customers a better experience overall, and a seller more control over quality. Both of these lead to better ratings and reviews, and better sales.


Brands enrolled in Brand Registry are more protected than other Amazon sellers on the marketplace. These protections give customers greater confidence when transacting. In turn, this helps sellers to maintain their trust and loyalty and build better relationships with them. To start off, brands get trademarks. As soon as a trademark is active and registered, the owner’s brand name and/or logo is protected legally. This means that anyone using it without proper authorization is in violation of their IP. 


This relates to another protection, which is Amazon’s machine learning and detection technologies. These combat IP violations by using information to help Amazon identify and remove infringements like counterfeit goods. Sellers also get a specialized reporting tool to search Amazon for infringements against their IP. Other protection options that the video explains include Transparency, Project Zero, and the Counterfeit Crimes Unit. 


The video also talks about tools to build brand loyalty, grow audiences, and inform selling strategy. These include A+ Content and Stores, Sponsored Brands, Subscribe & Save, Virtual Bundles, Brand Analytics, Amazon Vine, Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus, and Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE).


Intro to Brand Analytics


A bookkeeper working with an accountant on a business's financial records using documents and their laptops.


Brand Analytics reports give sellers a summary of their product and customer information. The reports also include competitive insights to help sellers understand how their brand is performing on Amazon. This way, they can make strategic decisions that are backed by data to boost product selection and advertising.


Improving the Customer Experience with Brand Health


One specific tool available under the Brand Analytics suite is Brand Health. In the video, sellers will learn about the insights that are available to look into a brand’s overall performance on Amazon. It goes through the benefits of helping sellers make better business decisions. The video also goes through how Brand Health gives tips on things like Prime eligibility and how that helps increase conversion rates. It goes on to explain how Brand Health is really useful for managing different areas. For example, it can monitor those high-impact ASINs, or the products that are most important for a brand. It also talks about managing in-stock rate to improve the customer experience by making sure nothing runs out. Pricing competitively is another area it covers, along with adding more products of the right kind to offer a more complete selection to satisfy customers and keep them interested.


Tips to Reduce Claims and Returns


This video helps sellers to properly serve and guide customers. This way, customers don’t have to resort to the claims process to get help. Sellers can easily avoid A to Z guarantee claims and returns by nipping issues in the bud. This way, they can keep customers happy and prevent ugly strikes against their brands.


Maintain Amazon Inventory with the Restock Tool


The FBA Restock tool helps sellers to manage inventory. It makes keeping the right amount of inventory in stock a lot less challenging. The suggestions guide restocking decisions. We all know that maintaining proper inventory levels on Amazon can help increase conversion and sales for products, too. As a seller gets more chances of offering more One-Day and Same-Day shipping opportunities, they’ll see the benefits of this tool even more.


Understanding the Order Cancellation Process


This training is really important since the wrong types of order cancellations can negatively impact a store’s scores. Sellers will learn the difference between buyers raising official cancellation requests versus Amazon canceling orders. They’ll also learn how shipping confirmation affects the process and their Cancellation Rate. They can even get tips on reducing issues to maintain a high score. This way, they won’t get penalized on the marketplace unnecessarily.


amazon seller university


Introduction to Virtual Bundles


Amazon created the Virtual Bundles program so that customers can more easily find products that they usually purchase together. This training helps sellers to navigate what the conditions are for creating bundles, and how to manage them. They’ll also learn how Virtual Bundles can help encourage sales for a variety of FBA products. Sellers must meet certain requirements to join the program, but it’s not too difficult.  


Become the Featured Offer


Being the Featured Offer can really boost business. This video is an 8-minute reference to what it’s all about. By the end, a seller will know the requirements and strategies for getting that much-desired spot. They will also learn the tools they need to monitor and manage Featured Offers.


Price Products Competitively


Sellers must set the right price for each product to sell well. Pricing is originally a complex animal. It gets even more tricky on a marketplace like Amazon. This training is super important for sellers because they will learn a suite of pricing tools. This will help them become successful on the most competitive marketplace in the world. They’ll also learn the concept of setting better prices to grow the business and understand simple strategies to drive sales.


Getting Started with Amazon Global Selling


Amazon Global Selling offers features and services to help sellers reach hundreds of millions of global customers. Amazon is global, and not accessing all these people is a shame. This video walks sellers through the state-of-the-art tools available to help them expand and sell effectively in multiple countries. They outline the process to sell globally and help sellers navigate Seller Central to get started.


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Final Thoughts


Make sure you check out what’s available in terms of Amazon Seller University YouTube videos. They’re a free resource and really good quality assistance. You can’t go wrong with all this useful information at your fingertips. It’s available in small nuggets, too, so it’s easy to find what you need, and you won’t waste any time.


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