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FeedbackWhiz specializes in helping Amazon sellers increase profits and enhance brand reputation through automation and analytic software.

Special offer: 50% off first month’s subscription 

Seller Snap offers a fully automated, AI powered Game Theory Amazon Repricer and Analytics Tool. Our AI Algorithmic Repricer will apply the optimum strategy for each individual listing to maximize profit while avoiding price wars. Our technology is capable of detecting the behavior of a specific competitor and making tailored price adjustments to outsmart that competitor.

Special offer: 10% off per month for 3 months

PPC Ninja is an industry leading software for Amazon PPC automation. It’s the secret sauce of how we efficiently deliver winning results for our full-service clients. Additionally, We are an agency dedicated to helping brands succeed on Amazon. We are an Amazon Advertising partner and our team is fully certified.

SellerApp is an AI-powered e-Commerce Intelligence platform that helps sellers and retailers maximize their potential on the biggest global marketplace – Amazon. Founded in 2017, SellerApp uses next-gen optimization and ML models to help businesses drive profitability in a simple SaaS interface.

Special offer: 100% off for the first month

Established in 2016, ZonGuru is a powerful toolset that helps Amazon brands accelerate their growth. The platform now offers 17 different tools connected to 10 Amazon marketplaces across North America, Europe, India, and Australia. ZonGuru’s services are offered to thousands of sellers and enterprise agencies who want to optimize and promote their customers’ storefronts and listings effectively and efficiently.

Special offer: Get an Expert Assessment of Your Listing or Niche Opportunity 

Profasee helps Amazon brands predict the perfect price for every product by analyzing hundreds of real-time data points through dynamic pricing.

Sellerise creates affordable, reliable, and up-to-date software products that make managing Amazon data and processes easier and more efficient. We offer must-have tools and unique products for Amazon sellers, developed by our own algorithms and based a wealth of experience selling on Amazon and other online platforms.

Aihello uses machine learning tech on Amazon ads to spot opportunities for ACOS reduction and revenue growth that would’ve been missed by the human eye. We’re an official Amazon Advanced Partner as well, which puts us in the top 5% of agencies recognized by Amazon.

Special offer: Complete management of Amazon PPC and DSP ads on a PAY PER RESULTS basis. [you pay a % of the EXTRA sales we make you at the same ACOS]. Email [email protected] for more info.

BidX is the first software to support Amazon sellers to grow and scale their business by automating ads on and off Amazon.

Special offer: For new customers of EcomBalance we grant a monthly discount of 20% for our tool.

Amazon PPC Growth Automation Software that help seller execute their strategy with precision

Automated pricing tool for private label amazon sellers

Special offer: 50% off of first month of services

Multiple tools, working together, in one place. From the beginning ManageByStats has been developed around the concept of placing multiple high quality resources together for managing your Amazon business in one platform.

Special offer: Free PPC course if subscribing as an EcomBalance client.

SellerMobile is a software solution stack for Amazon businesses. Get access to customizable dashboards and track KPIs. Automate pricing & product review to maximize profitability. And use advanced inventory management and forecasting to reduce lost revenue.

Special offer: “ECOMBALANCE20” – Get 20% OFF 6 Months

Everything you need to sell on Amazon and more. Easily manage and grow a thriving e-commerce business with just one platform.


A tool to help you understand the marketplace and discover opportunities for wholesales and private label.

Special offer: ECOMBALANCE50

Cogsy is the demand planning tool that supercharges how you meet customer demand. With it, brands can place orders faster, reduce the frequency of stockouts, and minimize the amount of excess stock hanging out at their warehouse.

Special offer: 20% off for your first 6 months with Cogsy

We service the marketpace with Data-Driven Automated Pricing For Private Label Sellers – plus a full suite of business intelligence tools!

Special offer: 10% off for the first year. No contracts No Committments.

Ecommerce resource website for Amazon sellers.

Profit analytics service for Amazon sellers + additional tools.

XENA’s AI-powered platform has helped early-stage CPG brands by reducing their ad spending and scaling up on Amazon from zero to a million-dollar business. XENA’s dashboard can provide insights that help sellers better understand their customers.

Junglytics is a profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers with fully customizable dashboards and filters to measure any sub-segment of your business. Our customers love using Junglytics for tracking key business metrics, measuring the impact of a change in their business, and discovering new ways to optimize their business for profitability.

Amazon Product Research Tool

Seller Assistant is a Product Research Software for selling on Amazon. It combines two extensions: Seller Assistant Browser Extension, and IP-Alert Chrome Extension by Seller Assistant, Amazon seller tools: Bulk Restrictions Checker and UPC/EAN to ASIN converter, and features: Side Panel View, FBM&FBA Profit Calculator, Quick View, ASIN Grabber, Stock Checker, IP Alert, and Restrictions Checker.

Special Offer: Start a 14-Day FREE trial with no payment information required. 

AI-powered solutions built by the brightest minds in Amazon & SaaS.
We have a vision for what successful sellers need. That’s why we’ve created best-in-class tools alongside industry leaders, SaaS veterans, and successful brand-owners.

Better Refunds recovers money for Amazon Sellers (Across 24+ Scenarios) and Amazon Vendors (Across 9+ Scenarios) through Amazon reimbursements due to inventory & data errors made by Amazon.   


Leaving no dollar behind, we provide expansive coverage and meticulous attention of your Amazon accounts, ensuring none of your reimbursements expire. With our commission being only a percentage of what we successfully recover and put in your pocket, we’ll help bring your Amazon accounts on the path to Better Refunds.

The Biggest Amazon Private Label software from China.


From product research, keyword research to operational marketing, giving full scenario support;
aiding efficient product research, fine-tuned operations and safeguarding your Amazon journey.

Special Offer: 35% Discount For the Ecombalance Community. 

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