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Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting is a world-renowned company that has helped thousands of brands launch private label products on Amazon and beyond! Founder Amy Wees’ knowledge in product development, sourcing, marketing, and sales have enabled her to help countless entrepreneurs develop their own successful businesses.

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Business Growth Strategies International is THE ONLY business coaching company that combines business growth coaching with smart payment processing solutions, digital & video marketing programs along with web hosting & development services all designed to maximize our client’s bottom lines!

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I help ecommerce SMB reach greater profitability and ROI by optimizing their listings and web store campaigns. I have over 20 years of ecommerce experience and have helped businesses in a wide range of industries, including beauty, fashion, electronics, and more. I am also a Digital Marketing Expert and can help you make the most of your digital marketing budget.

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I have ONLY ONE mission: To help YOU do what YOU LOVE and make your dream business flourish. If you want higher-caliber clients, the types that are actively looking for ways to advance themselves and their careers… LinkedIn is the BEST place to plant your flag and attract the best prospects WITHOUT having to spend thousands of dollars on advertising.

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We help inventors to develop and sell their products to the world’s leading retailers

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Jennifer is dedicated to working with business owners and self-employed professionals by improving their pricing and profits. When these elements are prioritized, working on your business can be both fun and financially rewarding. And of course you gain the added bonus of having a life in addition to having a business.

I am a brand-growth consultant & mentor, with over 17 years experience, focusing on brand positioning and growth strategy. I help creative & conscious retail/product-based/e-commerce business owners who want a clearer, more focused vision for their brand. Start communicating & connecting with your ideal audience and stop wasting money on content and ads that don’t convert. Are you ready to build an irresistible ecommerce brand that benefits your customers and makes the world a better place?

Special offer: Monica also offers a 45-min Store Brand for just $100. This is great if you’re struggling with your Brand Direction and to figure out where to go next with your conscious ecommerce business. We’ll focus on the one thing that will help you move the needle and forget about everything else. 

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