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Thanks for your interest in writing for the EcomBalance Blog! Please refer to the guidelines below as you write your article so that it aligns with our writing requirements. 

We love having eCommerce industry experts share their stories and knowledge with the EcomBalance community. 

Our goal is to create content that is high value, actionable, and speaks directly to the eCommerce industry

If you have any questions before writing your article, please reach out to [email protected].

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Guest Article Guidelines

Please make sure that your article follows all of the bullet points below. Thanks!

  • 1,500 words per article minimum
  • 1 specific SEO keyword chosen for the article
  • No large paragraphs…please cut up any longer paragraphs into more readable pieces
  • Use headings to signify different parts of the article
  • At least three external links pointing to other sites
  • Proper references for any research noted in the article
  • Add at least two images within the article with links to their sources
  • Must be original content…not published anywhere else on the Internet
  • Topics focused on the eCommerce industry
  • Acceptable formats: Google Docs (preferred) and Word Document.
  • Byline and headshot: In your submission, include a 2-3 sentence byline and a high-resolution headshot that we can use on the guest article.

After it has been proofed and approved, the article will be scheduled to publish on our blog. 

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