Five Ways to Make Money on Amazon


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As we all watched Amazon’s influence rise during the pandemic, it became evident to all of us that it is not only a gold mine for Jeff Bezos, but it can also be for you. Let’s face it, the current culture of e-commerce selling will be around, although it seemed pretty futuristic not too long ago. 


From selling products to offering your services, there are many ways to make money on Amazon. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular and successful methods to maximize your earnings with the marketplace.


Method 1: Selling on Amazon


By selling products, entrepreneurs can reach a larger customer base and increase their profit margins. Before selling on Amazon, sellers need to create an Amazon Seller account, familiarize themselves with Amazon’s policies and fees, and develop a product sourcing plan. 


make money on amazon


They also need to do their product research to ensure that their products are in demand, are competitively priced, and that there are no legal or safety issues associated with their product. To gain a better understanding of the market, you can begin by examining some of the products that sell well on the marketplace. Then you need to check metrics such as BSR, number of sellers, sales, and price changes to make informed decisions about which products to purchase and which to avoid.


The amount of money you can make selling on Amazon will depend on the products you are selling, the ways you source products, and the strategies you use to reach potential customers. Generally, sellers on Amazon make anywhere from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars per month. However, some sellers have been able to make much more than that.


Method 2: POD on Amazon


With print-on-demand products becoming more and more desirable, Amazon has also stepped into the genre by offering “Merch by Amazon.” Utilizing the best print-on-demand practices and offering a variety of items, Mercy by Amazon is the ideal way to start an Amazon business that only requires design skills. 


You will not have to store inventory or acquire expensive printing supplies. This service from Amazon is the premier way to create an Amazon business that relies solely on your creativity and graphic design skills.


Merch by Amazon offers a royalty rate of between 10-15%, which means that you can make anywhere from 10-15% of the list price of each product you sell. Potential income varies greatly depending on factors such as design quality, pricing, and marketing efforts.


Method 3: Amazon Associates Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing


make money on amazon


If you’re not in the business of wanting to be a seller, you can also make revenue through your social media networking. With multiple social media accounts such as Tik Tok, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, these social media wizards have already invested time and energy into harvesting a following.


The other fantastic benefit of an Amazon influencer is that when they talk, people listen! These individuals do much more than post a video saying, “Hey, buy this!” That would be too easy. Amazon influencers also only work with brands and products that they trust themselves. If you’ve got an impressive social media following through blogging or any other activity, consider how being an Amazon associate can help you reap financial rewards.


In addition to reviews, many consumers look to people that they already know and trust for reliable information regarding the products that they want to buy. As an affiliate marketer, you will create a beneficial relationship with both Amazon and your following by recommending the Amazon finds that you both will love.  This relationship has proven to be very beneficial for both the affiliate marketer and the consumer alike.


The amount of money you can make with Amazon Associates as an affiliate largely depends on how much traffic you can drive to your website, the products you promote, and how well you can convert that traffic into sales. However, some affiliates have been known to make thousands of dollars or more each month.

Method 4: Amazon Mechanical Turk


Using a distributed workforce that can complete these tasks virtually, individuals and companies can outsource their processes and jobs using Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), a crowdsourcing marketplace. Simple data validation and research activities to more empathetic assignments like taking surveys and content moderating are all possible for this off-site job. 


Utilizing the pooled intellect, expertise, and insights of a global workforce through MTurk enables businesses to accelerate machine learning research, improve data gathering and analysis, and optimize business operations. Even though the technology is constantly evolving, there are still many tasks that humans accomplish considerably more efficiently than computers, such as content moderation, data deduplication, and research.


 These duties are typically carried out by engaging a sizable temporary staff, which is time-consuming, expensive, and challenging to manage. This option is another fantastic way to earn revenue in connection with the Amazon marketplace. As a member of the Amazon Mechanical Turk program, you can work from home while also reaping the benefits of putting your data knowledge to work.  


If you are research-minded, this program is a wonderful way to provide income to your family without even leaving your house. Generally, you can expect to earn between $2 and $20 per hour. However, there is potential to make more if you can complete tasks quickly and efficiently.


Method 5: Amazon Flex


make money on amazon


Finding methods to make money on your schedule is now simpler than ever, thanks to the gig economy’s continued expansion. Major companies throughout the country are utilizing the strength of independent contractors and giving drivers flexibility over their work hours. In fact, with the help of Amazon Flex, even Amazon is making package delivery a lucrative side business.


Lyft and DoorDash may be representative of the gig economy, but many more established corporations, like Amazon, are learning from their success to streamline their processes. A delivery initiative called Amazon Flex hires drivers to pick up items in their local areas and deliver them directly to customers’ doors. Contrary to the business’s full-time and part-time delivery drivers, Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors who set their own schedules.



There are many ways that you can make money year after year through selling on Amazon platform, whether it be acting as an individual seller, starting your own POD business, referring people to Amazon as an influencer or affiliate, working in the background remotely on MTurk, or even delivering packages through Amazon Flex. 


There are so many different associations with Amazon that you may choose to jumpstart your entrepreneurial endeavors. Amazon is the ideal venue for those who wish to create income for themselves through various choices that pay off. You pick your potion, and Amazon will help you do the rest through their revolutionary business model and practices.

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