Partner Spotlight: Minimize Risks and Maximize Results with Andy Isom from AMZ with Andy Isom


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Hey, thanks for tuning in to another Partner Interview at EcomBalance. At EcomBalance, we’re all about creating win-win partnerships where we are able to grow with other companies in the eCommerce space. 



In this exclusive interview, we interview Andy Isom from AMZ with Andy Isom, your one-on-one mentoring program to minimize risk and maximize results in the eCommerce space.


Andy Isom is the CEO and founder of AMZ with Andy Isom who loves mentoring and coaching people on a personal level. Andy helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch and scale their own brands on Amazon. He’s currently building his own 7-figure E-commerce brand as well as his personal brand through his podcast Selling on Amazon with Andy Isom.


We hope that you enjoy the interview and that it brings value to you as an eCommerce business owner.

Hey Andy, thanks for taking the time to chat with us here. We love getting to know our partners better so that our community can benefit from what our partners are offering and doing in the industry. To get started, can you give us a high level overview of AMZ with Andy Isom and how it got started? 


Andy: I started AMZ with Andy Isom with the intention of helping people achieve the same success we’ve experienced building a brand using the power of Amazon FBA. I love mentoring and coaching people on a personal level.


Connor: That’s awesome! Can you dive a bit more into the products and services that you offer in your coaching program? I’m sure our audience would love to know exactly what problems you could solve for them. 


Andy: My goal is to help people minimize risk and maximize results with their brands. There’s a lot that goes into building an e-commerce business on Amazon, and a lot of time and money can be wasted or completely lost if proper steps and precautions aren’t taken. My different resources are designed to help with that! I have everything from a $1 FBA Starter Pack to personal one-on-one coaching programs. I try to have offers and services for everyone depending on what’s right for them!


Connor: Jumping off of that…if there was one problem you’d say that AMZ with Andy Isom solves best for your clients, what would it be? Why? 


Andy: I save my students time and money. This business model takes time to get started and growing and takes significant financial investment. Learning “the hard way” on your own can be extremely costly if you make critical mistakes. I help my students make smart financial decisions and minimize risk of failure which ultimately leads to long term success.


Connor: As the company continues to grow over the next year, what are your plans for expansion? Any new products or offerings or enhancements to your current products? 


Andy: Great question! I’m ALWAYS surveying and asking my students and followers what they need to be successful. I’m always updating content, adding new features to my programs, hiring staff to help support my students, and doing whatever I can to provide the best coaching experience possible. We’re looking to launch some more in depth one-on-one offerings in 2023 to help brand owners scale to six and seven figures.


Connor: And how specifically would you say that AMZ with Andy Isom and your team is different from other similar businesses in the industry?


Andy: I am one of the most open and honest people about my own brand on Amazon. It’s hard to find other “coaches” who actually run a brand and share exactly what they sell and how they are running their business. I believe in being super transparent in that aspect so my students really can see how to reach their goals. I’m also personally involved with my students. I do the live Q&A calls, I answer student emails and messages, I don’t outsource that like some other programs.


Connor: What made you decide to get involved in the FBA coaching space? What’s your starting eCommerce story? From what we’ve found, a lot of business owners in the space have fun stories of how they first started…


Andy: I’ve always had a love for content creation. Even before we ever launched an e-commerce brand I’ve been making YouTube videos, podcasting, and posting on social media to try to help people learn. My followers kept asking for more Amazon related content so I decided to shut down my other channels and content and focus solely on producing the best Amazon related content you can find online!


Connor: Love it! Talking more about the eCommerce industry, where do you see it going in the next 1-2 years? Any unique predictions that you could share? 


Andy: It will continue to grow. I think that’s a given. Video is the future of the internet. You’re already seeing it on almost every social media platform. If you can create video content around your brand or utilize influencer video content you have a great chance for success over the next few years.


Connor: Giving you an open mic for a minute, what is something you’d want the EcomBalance audience to hear?


Andy: One door always leads to another. So many people are afraid to try because they’re afraid to fail. Rarely do people hit a “home run” on their first swing, but one door always leads to another. I never would be where I am today in the online business world if I hadn’t taken the chances I did back in 2015. Each “failure” was a learning experience that triggered a new (and usually better) idea. So get out there and TRY!


Connor: Changing gears a little bit…When it comes to bookkeeping and accounting, what do you think the biggest pain points for business owners are? Feel free to speak from personal experience as well. 


Andy: I am a terrible bookkeeper haha! I had been doing my own books for the past few years to get by with my taxes. But as you grow and start to make some money, every dollar in and dollar out counts! How you spend your money in your business and the ROI you get from that could be the difference between success and failure, so having really accurate data is extremely important. I wish I would’ve outsourced bookkeeping sooner.


Connor: As we close this out, I just have one more question. Where is the best place to find and follow you and the company online? Also, if you have one, is there any special offer that you’ll be offering to the community today? 


Andy: I’m on all the social media platforms @andyisom100k and links to all my resources are on my website! I’m happy to offer some secret discounts on courses or coaching to anyone reading this! Just DM me and mention this article and we’ll take care of you! 😉

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