Top 7 Amazon Repricer Software for Amazon Sellers


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If you sell on Amazon, we highly recommend using some kind of Amazon repricer software. Not all Amazon repricers are created equal, so we cooked up this list of 7 Amazon repricer software tools. We found these repricers to be the best reviewed and most highly used. Our hope is that you find one here that suits your needs and preferences.


1. Feedvisor


A screenshot of the Feedvisor website home page.


Feedvisor has been around for some time. Recently, however, they have been upgrading their systems to bring what they call “A new era of optimization for Amazon.” The suite of tools offers advertising, inventory, and intelligence features alongside pricing. This way, they can better encourage profitable growth in your business. Feedvisor is the only specially made, integrated platform for changing Amazin business needs.


The patented algo-repricer of this tried and tested suite allows sellers to win the Buy Box without wasting spend. By calculating the optimal price points, you always get the best deal. Feedvisor also features private label pricing that adjusts to the ebbs and flows. With continuous competitive analyses, you can’t fall behind. Finally, you get to push higher profits and more sales, or see which inventory items you’d be better off liquidating.


2. Seller Snap


A screenshot of the Seller Snap website home page.


This Amazon repricer software touts itself as “The most advanced AI Amazon repricer and business intelligence software on the market.” That’s a bold claim! But based on its track record, we can’t disagree. Seller Snap allows users to get the highest profits possible and save time on pricing adjustments while staying away from price wars.


Aside from the repricing feature, Seller Snap also offers a business intelligence tool and an analytics tool to sellers. The actionable insights that these tools provide help sellers to get the best data to use in optimizing their Amazon stores. The repricing  software itself was created based on game theory data. It is an algorithmic repricer that calculates and suggests the best way for each listing in a store so that the seller can get the best profit off of each product.


Being inspired by game theory, this rule-based Amazon repricer software is one of the more popular ones. Other tools have brought many sellers into aggressive price wars instead of helping them get ahead of the competition. This destroys profit margins for all sellers involved. Being based on game theory and using its tactics, Seller Snap brings a more cooperative strategy to the table. Instead of fighting, a seller can be assured of an optimal Buy Box share. This brings higher profits. 


The tool’s algorithm creators designed it to think like an Amazon seller. It looks at thousands of price decisions that sellers make every minute. Then it spots competitor behavior and analyzes that. Then the AI-repricer can choose the best strategy for your listing so you can outsmart the other players.


3. BQool


A screenshot of the BQOOL website home page.


BQool markets itself as the “Next generation AI-powered Amazon repricer.” So, what’s so next generation about it? Well, it uses autonomous machine learning technology. The designers of the tool made it to when the buy box continually so that sellers can get more sales and bigger profits.


BigCentral is part of this tool suite, and offers a comprehensive solution for sales, marketing and service. Of course, it is specially made for Amazon sellers. Repricing Central, the Amazon repricer software part, is what works to win more Buy Box share and facilitate more sales. 


Here’s how it works: First, sellers get to maximize sales with AI that doesn’t stop capturing Buy Box share as it also works to prevent as many competitors as possible from taking any Buy Box share for themselves. Sellers can then also maximize profit as the AI keeps a repricing listings so that little by little, the seller can win more share. Basically, the AI will compete and match the by box price shown, then raise the price so that the seller can grab bigger profits.


BQool’s next-level AI technology behind this Amazon repricer software is a tried-and-tested solution. Sellers can use it to easily get ahead and stay ahead of all competitors. The creators designed the tool to collect billions of data points from actual Amazon marketplace listings and repricing activities. Then, pieces of data on factors like Buy Box, seller ratings, prices, shipping information, and special offers are alalyzed and used to create a tailored repricing AI model.


4. RepricerExpress


amazon repricer software


This tool is arguably the most flexible and widely used Amazon repricer software available today. As with other repricers, it promises to help sellers sell more and maximize profits. Repricer Express boasts nonstop, round-the-clock, automated repricing available on over 20 Amazon and eBay channels.


This tool works to make sure that you get a share of the Buy Box and keep it, since 82% of all sales on Amazon come through that Buy Box. You need to stay in it to win it. To stay in it, you must have the factors that Amazon considers when deciding which sellers get a share. RepricerExpress analyzes all of this and uses that data to make adjustments in your pricing. this way you get more Buy Box real estate, more sales, and higher profits.


RepricerExpress offers repricing features that can help all types of sellers. The creators made sure that it offers extensive features so that everyone gets the flexibility that they need. This way, sellers can customize their pricing for various listings and therefore remain competitive in whatever ways are best suited to their businesses.


Because this tool has been around for some time, it offers flexible repricing strategies based on a ton of experience and data. You can use any number of tried and tested templates that they have prepared to help you get started with a repricing strategy quickly and easily. Once you create your copy of the template you want to use, all you need to do is put in your details and you;re ready to let it loose to bring in more sales at higher profit margins.


5. Keepa


amazon repricer software


Keepa is a newer arrival in the Amazon repricer software sphere. Still, it offers powerful features. You can get comprehensive price history graphs, and with the browser extensions installed, have them display right on each of your Amazon product pages. This facilitates very easy tracking. You also get to set up alerts for availability and price drops, compare international Amazon prices, and import wish lists if you want to. The insight that this tool gives you into deals and the overview of recent price drops is really useful.


Keepa is available on several Amazon marketplaces, and we hope to see it expand to include them all someday. You don’t have to register to use the tool, so it’s a good one to try if you’re just getting a feel for different tools before you commit to one.


Keepa basically keeps a record of historical prices and price changes on Amazon for all products that are listed on the marketplace. With this tool, you get to track how the pricing for individual products is changing over time. For example, if you sell certain products, you can look at how other sellers are handing the same products. When you set up alerts for pricing thresholds on certain products, the tool sends you a notification whenever a price reaches that set threshold.


You can use Keepa to look through the full range of Amazon products available. This way, you are always informed.


6. AMZScout


amazon repricer software


AMZScout is a “Complete toolset to help you start and grow your Amazon business.” On top of being a well-respected piece of Amazon repricer software, you can use it to find products that stand to earn you fat profits without a lot of competition to worry about. It can also teach you how to sell a private label product, do online and retail arbitrage, start a dropshipping business, and sell wholesale on the world’s top marketplace. Once you’re decided what to sell, AMZScout can also spot the right keywords to use to optimize searches for your products. It can also locate verified suppliers for you so that you can buy from reliable manufacturers.


Now, when that’s all set up, whether you are selecting products for dropshipping, arbitrage, or wholesale, the repricer comes in. This tool calculates the price that you need to set for each product so that you can own the Buy Box. It also calculates how many sales you can make with that share. This will help you to maximize profits and make adjustments to your inventory. You can also figure out which of your products needs more of a push to sell more.


AMZScout analyzes competitor data to make intelligent suggestions. The tool keeps an eye on keywords, sales, pricing, and even the competitors’ stock levels so that you can get ahead in the game.


7.  Sellery by Seller Engine


amazon repricer software


Seller Engine is a powerful suite of tools that includes Profit Bandit, which can tell you your estimated profit for any product by scanning a barcode. It can also help you with handling things from new product research to FBA shipment creation and management.


Their Amazon repricer software, Sellery, might just be the “most powerful Amazon repricer’” as they say. It allows you to respond automatically when the competition changes their prices.


Real-time repricing let you take care of listing adjustments so easily and quickly. This way, you never sell at a loss. You can even use it on global marketplaces, so you don’t have to learn different tools for your business.


Seller Engine has a separate price and Buy Box optimizer called BuyBoxBuddy, so be sure to check that out, too. This is an algorithmic repricer that helps you get more of the Buy Box.


Final Thoughts on Amazon Repricer Software


Did you find an Amazon repricer software that you like? Let us know! And if you didn’t like any of the ones on our list, reach out on socials and let us know which one worked best for you!


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