Top 5 Amazon Marketing Strategies to Take Your Brand to the Next Level


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Digital shopping accelerated during the pandemic, and its popularity steadily climbed until 2020. During this time, e-commerce retail sales increased from 11.6% to 15.7% in the United States. 


Even after the pandemic, the eCommerce industry has a similar upward trajectory of growth.  


Currently, Amazon accounts for around 40% of eCommerce sales in the United States and is the largest online retailer in the world. The demand is evident, making Amazon an ideal platform for businesses to promote their products and services.


Consumers are increasingly engaging with different media formats across various channels. Therefore, staying on top of the latest trends and tactics is essential. To help you get ahead of the field, here is a compiled list of the top 5 Amazon marketing strategies that you can use to increase visibility, rank higher, and ultimately drive more sales.


Here’s a peek into the list:


  1. Know your customer
  2. Win the Buy Box
  3. Leverage video marketing
  4. Think long term
  5. Get Brand-Registered to create EBC content
  6. Bonus tip: Build a storefront


1. Know Your Customer


Understanding who your customer is, what motivates them, what their needs and wants are, and what their buying habits are is crucial to any Amazon marketing strategy. This knowledge will allow you to tailor your product offerings and marketing tactics to specific customer needs and preferences.


To start, research target customers by gathering demographic data from sources such as Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA). These sources offer a wealth of data about customer behavior and preferences that can be used to inform marketing strategies. 


With Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA), you can gain insight into different customer segments’ profiles and purchase habits, allowing them to tailor their marketing strategies to target specific customer groups. 


By utilizing ABA to analyze customer behavior, identify customer segments, track customer reviews and ratings, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you can take your Amazon brand to the next level. By understanding your customer’s needs and preferences, you can develop marketing strategies that are more likely to be successful and increase your sales.


2. Win the Buy Box 


Winning the Buy Box on Amazon is an essential part of your selling strategy if you want to take your brand to the next level. Buy Box is the key to success on Amazon, as it can lead to higher sales and increased visibility. Amazon’s algorithm determines which seller gets the Buy Box based on a variety of factors, including price, selection, shipping speed, and customer satisfaction scores.


The Buy Box is the box that appears on the right side of a product’s page, which customers click on to purchase a product. 



One way to win the Buy Box is Amazon’s Prime badge. It helps to increase the chances of winning the Buy Box, as customers will be more likely to click on the product if they know they can get free two-day shipping. Competitive pricing is another important factor in winning the Buy Box.


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3. Leverage Video Marketing


Video marketing is becoming increasingly important on Amazon, as a video can be more eye-catching and engaging than static images. Videos can be used to demonstrate the product and its features, as well as to create a more personal connection with customers and build trust in the brand. Leveraging video marketing is an effective way to increase visibility and boost sales.


You can also create a video marketing strategy and promote it on social media platforms. Use relevant hashtags for your video and share them on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also use platforms like YouTube to share your videos, which can help to reach a larger audience.


Additionally, Amazon has created an advertising platform specifically for video, which allows sellers and brands to create ads that can be shown to customers as they browse the marketplace. Amazon Sponsored Brand video ad type is one such example. 


4. Think Long Term 


The key to success in Amazon marketing lies in having a long-term vision. As the eCommerce giant continues to evolve and expand, sellers need to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that fits the constantly changing landscape. Simply relying on traditional advertising and promotional tactics is no longer enough. Instead, you should take a long-term view and focus on building relationships with customers, understanding their needs, and creating listings and content that resonates with them. Additionally, plan your advertising activities ahead based on your business goals. Big or small, you should plan your budget for these activities, so they are carried out efficiently.


As a seller, you must consider your goals and long-term objectives. This will help you determine the best tactics and strategies to reach those goals. You should also be sure to track their progress, as this will allow you to monitor the success of their efforts and make adjustments as needed. 


You can use the SellerApp e-commerce data analytics platform to monitor your Amazon advertising activities and campaign progress easily. You can get an overview of your sales, advertising, and product intelligence in the dashboard.



Let’s say your advertising goal is to optimize your campaigns with an ACoS of 20%. You can use SellerApp to set your goals. The platform gives advertising insights like negative search terms, positive search terms, positive ASINs, and more to help you take a set of actions to achieve your target ACoS. 


5. Get Brand-Registered to Create EBC Content


In today’s digital age, it is increasingly important for brands to create a powerful presence on Amazon. One of the most effective strategies for doing this is registering the brand to create Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). 


EBC is a specific type of content that allows brands to customize how their products are presented on Amazon. This type of content allows brands to showcase their products more engaging and informatively than standard product detail pages. 


Here’s a quick example of A+ content on a listing page.



Brand registration is the first step to creating EBC content. To get started with brand registration, brands must fill out an application and submit their trademark. Amazon will also require that brands provide additional information such as product images and descriptions, as well as other supporting documentation. Once the application has been approved, brands will be able to start creating EBC content for their products. 


Once you are brand-registered, you will be able to create EBC content and upload it to your product listings. This can help you to stand out from your competitors and create a stronger connection with your target customers.


Bonus Tip for Amazon Marketing: Build a Storefront


Creating a storefront on Amazon is another effective marketing strategy. This can be used to create a more branded shopping experience, as well as to showcase a variety of products and collections. Creating a storefront on Amazon can help you build credibility with your shoppers. You can also keep the shoppers engaged for a longer time by exploring your product catalog. A storefront is a virtual store on Amazon where you can showcase your products and create a unique shopping experience for your customers.


Your storefront can include images, videos, product descriptions, and promotions to help you stand out from the competition. 


Creating a storefront can help you build a strong relationship with your shoppers. You can use your storefront to communicate with your customers, provide customer service and build loyalty with your shoppers.


Final Thoughts on Amazon Marketing


Amazon is a powerful marketplace for sellers. With the right marketing strategy in place, you can be successful on Amazon. Understanding your customers and creating a tailored marketing strategy can help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of success. Utilizing the strategies outlined in this article can help you create an effective Amazon marketing strategy for 2023.


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