6 Amazon Accounting Software Tools Every Seller Should Know About

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Amazon accounting software has become a real game-changer for sellers and business owners in the eCommerce industry in the past 10 years. The eCommerce landscape has gone through so many changes. It’s calling for more of a need for sellers to better understand their numbers. First, physical stores became less popular, then the pandemic forced people to flow with the internet-based economy. And we expect that this trend will continue as we make it through 2022 and beyond.


Are you an Amazon private label or FBA seller doing $500K to $15M in yearly revenue? If yes, then you definitely need to look into using Amazon accounting software. According to Statista, Amazon is the most popular among eCommerce sites worldwide. Selling on Amazon can be challenging, so you need to rely on available tools to keep you focused on what matters most. Then, you can aggressively grow sales. At the very least, you can pick up Amazon bookkeeping software to help you track the cost of stock, shipping, and payroll. 


In this post, we’ll go over our top picks for Amazon accounting software in 2022:

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Freshbooks
  • A2X
  • TaxJar
  • Sage

Top Amazon Accounting Software for Sellers in 2022


1.  QuickBooks



You get exceptionally good reporting capabilities with QuickBooks, especially the Online suite. This tool can help you see clearly how your Amazon FBA business is doing. Thousands of accountants and bookkeepers use this software. It also uses double-entry accounting, the standard in the industry.


Unique Selling Point


QuickBooks Online is our top cloud-based accounting software for enterprise-grade Amazon sellers. Sellers who can move large volumes of stock through the Amazon platform will greatly benefit from it. QuickBooks Online has all the features that big players need to make the most of inventory and profits. 


This Amazon bookkeeping software also has features that will let you manage more than one eCommerce store outside of Amazon, balancing robust muilti-channel sales. It has a stunning range of features in the higher-priced packages, QuickBooks also has several plan options that are great for users who need more control over their subscriptions.




QuickBooks was founded to cater to small businesses specifically. Since then, it has expanded to serve big businesses very well. You can use QuickBooks on many different platforms, which is very convenient. You can also manage your sales from anywhere because it’s cloud-based. use this tool for the basics like tracking expenses and drafting invoices all the way to bank reconciliation and monitoring financial reports.


You can create customized invoices, reports, and bills on this tool that show your business logo. You can even import data from Paypal, Square, and American Express. Quickbooks Online provides several video tutorials to boot, plus online assistance. Whether you have a little or a lot of accounting experience, you can easily learn how to operate this tool.


QuickBooks Online integrates seamlessly with many common eCommerce apps. This makes it a stellar piece of software, especially for Amazon FBA sellers. Plus, if you use an app that doesn’t integrate directly, reporting is still usually available so you can make manual accounting entries.


QuickBooks Online Advanced is more than most Amazon sellers will need. This tier offers a high user count and team training as well as unlimited class and location tracking for large businesses. It does make sense, though, if you need Fathom for reporting and analytics. QuickBooks Online Advanced comes with a Fathom subscription, which offers you super valuable projections.




Quickbooks Online is more expensive than the offline version because it relies on cloud storage. However, all plans offer a 30-day trial.


The first tier is Self-Employed (Freelancer) at $7.50 per month for single users. Simple Start for one user at $12.50 per month offers additional features. The Plus tier is the most popular, allowing 5 concurrent users for $35 per month. QuickBooks Online Plus pricing starts at $80 per month. The Advanced package costs $75 per month for 25 users. QuickBooks Online Advanced pricing starts at $180 per month.


Simple Start and the Essentials plan work best for new sellers. QuickBooks Online Plus or Advanced will give you access to the most useful reporting features. The less-expensive Essentials or Simple Start tiers do not give you the more common options that most accountants would use. With Plus, you get inventory tracking and class and location tracking so you can see what the profitable segments of your business are. 


QuickBooks for Amazon


QuickBooks is a great accounting solution for eCommerce sellers. It provides add-on and enhancement options to help all kinds of businesses. Aside from QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, you can look into QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko). This Amazon accounting software is also cloud-based and offers inventory and order management features. It brings multiple sales channels together and can handle multiple locations and currencies. Try it out for $16 per month and graduate to the special eCommerce version for $39.99 per month. It also has a CRM, covers warehouse management, and gives you detailed financial reporting.


2.  Xero



Xero was created as an online accounting solution for small businesses. Like its competitor above, it has grown to accommodate larger sellers. Xero is best known for its ease of use, even for people with no accounting background. You can use it on any device, from anywhere, as long as you can connect to the internet. It offers online banking, billing, and accounting so you can look at your cashflow in real-time. 


As an Amazon seller, you want to focus more on sales to grow your business. You don’t want to spend time or energy learning and using complex Amazon accounting software. 


Xero has more than two million subscribers and is an emerging leader in online accounting software. It uses standard double-entry accounting but leaves out unnecessary fluff like accounting jargon that laypeople often find confusing. Xero does a great job of connecting small businesses to their advisors. 


Unique Selling Point


Xero is award-winning accounting software. As popular as it is, it does not put a cap on the number of users. Xero is also well-known for the hundreds of integrations that you can get for third-party apps. This way, you can get a customized automation stack without paying extra.


Xero offers the most affordable starting options for the smallest businesses with monthly subscriptions for less than $10. Depending on how much you want to grow and whether more complex integrations or features are in your future, this might suffice for your business.




Xero allows you to manage bank reconciliation easily with automatic import and coding of bank transactions. You can also set up the system to automatically create and send invoices so you can get paid online, instantly. If you need add-ons, you can choose from a wide range of options, including other Amazon bookkeeping software tools like Freshbooks, Amazon management tools like Salesforce, and time-tracking software like Harvest.


Xero is mobile, so you can do all your accounting tasks on the go. This includes tracking stock movement, making invoicing adjustments, and paying bills. You can also manage your spending with this tool and do bulk bill payments to creditors. Get instant and up-to-date financial reporting to boot, and easily locate all the original transactions with quick links. One interesting feature is the ability to manage personal expense claims with a simple review and approve process for receipts.


Xero has an open application programming interface. This means a better solution for Amazon FBA sellers. The open API allows Xero users to integrate new solutions quickly for improved inventory management and sales tax compliance. Just make sure you either know what you’re doing or you hire an accountant or bookkeeper. This is to make sure that your data is integrating properly between Xero and whatever third-party app you choose to manage your Amazon accounting needs.




Xero offers a free 30-day trial period, and you don’t pay any setup fees or upgrade fees. You also get free web-based support with a plan. The Early plan costs $9 per month and covers 5 invoices, quotes, and bills. You can also reconcile up to 20 bank transactions. The Growing plan is $30 per month for unlimited bills, invoices and quotes, and bank transaction reconciliation. The Established plan for $60 per month covers the features of the Growing plan and adds support for multiple currencies and specific expenses and projects. 


Most Amazon FBA sellers will need to start at the second service tier at least. If you want Xero to manage your payroll, too, you can get partner app Gusto starting at $39 per month, then $6 per additional person per month.


3.  Freshbooks



FreshBooks is also a cloud-hosted application. As with the three tools above, you can easily access this one with a mobile phone. Functionality is limited on mobile, though, compared to the full web-based app version. 


This Amazon accounting software tool was designed for ease of use. Even people who have no accounting background can handle it well. FreshBooks has an intuitive dashboard with clear, menu-style navigation. 


Unique Selling Point


FreshBooks is consistently one of the easiest platforms to set up and use. It was originally designed for freelancers and solopreneurs. It has since evolved, however, to serve small and medium-sized sellers as comprehensive Amazon accounting software. It caters to Amazon FBA and FBM sellers who want exceptional invoicing. This tool also offers excellent business expense tracking and simple but first-rate financial reports.



FreshBooks offers above-average customer support. They also have a blog and support platform where users can go for self-service. The FreshBooks user experience is amazing. The dashboard is exceptionally easy to use for a very reasonably-priced tool. The invoicing module is impressive, and the mobile apps are actually better than what you get with most other online Amazon accounting software. 


FreshBooks has general ledger capabilities that are perfect for covering all the basic functionality that any business requires. This includes tracking sales tax, which is really useful. Its invoicing module contains complete information for sending invoices and receiving payments. It also helps Amazon sellers to understand how business is doing, all in real-time. Like Xero, FreshBooks uses simplified language to make this tool easier for laymen to use.


This tool also includes strong reporting that offers standard reports like expenses, profit and loss, and sales tax summaries. You can also link several checking and/or savings bank accounts to the software to get all the transactions there instantly and accurately recorded in the app. You can track multiple currencies, too, and you don’t need a separate inventory management solution.


FreshBooks doesn’t sync with Amazon directly. You can, however, use a Zapier integration to make the direct connection for transactions. This zap triggers invoice creation and automatically syncs products.




All the FreshBooks pricing tiers apart from the Select plan are for single users only. You can add more users for an additional monthly fee. The simple, straightforward pricing tiers start with Lite at $6 per month. This plan works well for brand new Amazon sellers who have no more than five billable clients. The Plus tier is open to 50 billable clients for $10 per month. The Premium tier costs $20 for unlimited billable clients. If none of these suit you, you can ask for customized features with the Select plan. You can also test out any plan tier with FreshBooks’s 30-day money-back guarantee.


4.  A2X



A2X is a cloud-based Amazon accounting software app. It connects systems to check for settlements daily and automate bookkeeping for marketplace transactions. You can use it with Quickbooks, Xero, and Shopify. This way, you can solve eCommerce accounting difficulties more easily.

Unique Selling Point


A2X was created by former Amazon sellers. They struggled with an integration gap between the Amazon platform and their accounting software. The chief difficulty was interpreting deposits and statements. After a decade in the marketplace, they launched A2X to close that gap.


A2X is part of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council. This group plans and carries weight in the decision-making process for seller software integration APIs in the marketplace.




A2X automatically pulls in new settlement files when Amazon creates them. Then the tool generates a summary and the appropriate invoices from each settlement. It then saves the invoices in the cloud. 




The Mini plan of A2X costs $19 per month. This gives you email support, 6-months running Amazon settlement history, and automatic settlement loading and posting. It works for a single seller account on a single marketplace. The Starter package goes for $49 per month. This tier offers standard support on top of automatic settlement loading and posting. It works for a single seller account but can be used on up to five marketplaces. It also saves up to 12 months of Amazon settlement history. The Standard tier for $69 per month offers the above plus 12 more months of Amazon settlement history. The Premium level goes for $139 per month and extends to up to five seller accounts. You also get priority support plus as much Amazon Settlement History as is available on Amazon. The Premium 20K package goes for $249 per month and works for up to ten marketplaces in addition to what the Premium package offers. 


A2X offers a few more Premium-tier packages that expand the number of seller accounts and marketplaces you can use the tool on. The highest tier is $1999 for up to ten seller accounts and twenty marketplaces.


5.  TaxJar



This Amazon accounting software makes quick work of sales tax calculations, reporting, and filings. It integrates smoothly with apps like Paypal and additional marketplaces, too, like Shopify, Walmart, and Etsy. TaxJar automates return-ready report preparation.


Unique Selling Point


TaxJar is one of only a few tools that take into account recent decisions from the Supreme Court on sales tax compliance. These various tax rules can be very confusing to sellers, especially online sellers who ship out of state. Most Amazon accounting software programs have a sales tax computation feature. However, most of these modules will calculate what sales tax you need to pay based on what you enter. If you put in the wrong information, you will get the wrong amount. TaxJar manages tour sales tax return filing so you remain compliant.


This tool handles more than 10,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the United States. This saves you a lot of headache, not to mention a lot of time and accounting fees. TaxJar can connect to Amazon and other selling platforms directly to file and remit the required sales tax returns and payments due. TaxJar is the only Amazon bookkeeping software that can go as far as to generate reports that break down data on sales tax collected by counties, cities or districts as required by law. 




TaxJar easily integrates with the Seller Central dashboard. You will not have to download or upload spreadsheets or any other files because TaxJar syncs with your account and pulls in the needed information. 


This tool automatically organizes sales tax data and creates sales tax return-ready reports by state according to each state’s requirements. The AutoFile feature makes filing automatic, so you are always accurate and on time with filings. More than 15,000 businesses and developers to date worldwide use TaxJar.


TaxJar alerts you to tax owed in states with an Amazon warehouse, and works on non-Amazon channels, too. Just pay a small additional fee per filing per state and let the AutoFile feature take care of your state sales tax return every month, quarter or year. 




TaxJar pricing depends on the size of your business, and also because of the separate per filing fees for AutoFile. If you sell in a lot of states or move a lot of inventory, you can subscribe to one of their larger plans. You may find the upfront cost reasonable if it saves you a lot of hassle.


The TaxJar Basic plan is $17/month, and you can contact the company for custom Plus pricing.


6.  Sage



Sage transitioned to the cloud in 2018 to extend their services to the eCommerce world. This industry-leading Amazon bookkeeping software from the UK is part of a larger app suite on the Sage App Marketplace. The suite gives sellers access to numerous integrations. This way, you can customize your accounting solution to fit your business.


Unique Selling Point


Sage Amazon accounting software is part of a larger ecosystem of enterprise products. The marketplace helps sellers with overall resource management.




Sage works on any device and offers the best of basic accounting features. You get the usual sending and tracking of personalized invoices, payment reminders, and cashflow protection. The app can snap and capture receipts as well as automatically pull in data and documents through live bank feeds and the AutoEntry feature. 


Sage also helps with taxes and legal compliance. This is one of a few HMRC recognized Amazon accounting software tools available for sellers on the Amazon UK marketplace. Use this tool to generate cashflow forecasts and run payroll securely while you avoid errors in computations and compliance. You can even share access to the tool with your accountant to collaborate conveniently in real-time. 




You can get a free 30-day trial of the basic app plus a 60-day trial of the AutoEntry feature. After this, US sellers can sign up for one of the two available pricing plans, either $10 or $25 per month. You can cancel your plan or upgrade anytime, and there are no commitments or hidden fees.


Why Double-Entry Accounting Matters


Inventory management is a very important part of any profitable Amazon business. You need more than profit and loss reporting, however. An inventory management app with this feature is great, but you must consider accounting software that has a reconciliation feature and a balance sheet. In other words, you need a tool with a true double-entry accounting system. This way, you are less likely to make mistakes in your accounting. 


You see, a single-entry accounting system only logs transactions once. It only reflects what you have recorded. The system doesn’t communicate with any financial institution to give you checks and balances. So, you can’t be sure that you’re balancing your books properly. Double-entry accounting gives you that safeguard so that you can almost never make a mistake. You will not easily omit or double-record any transactions without being alerted. This is because the transactions are run through your business bank or credit card accounts. 


You should always consider using Amazon accounting software that includes a double-entry feature. This is a true accounting system that focuses on making sure that your reporting is accurate. Don’t make the mistake of choosing software that focuses more on facilitating listings and showing profitability by SKU. Remember, accounting is more about keeping the numbers straight. You need to be careful about updating product and shipping costs to get accurate results, especially for tax purposes.


Final Thoughts


Accounting is a very important part of selling on the Amazon marketplace. It is also one of the bigger pain points of both Amazon FBA and FBM sellers. You need the right Amazon accounting software to help you keep track of all the numbers. You might be a mathematical genius, but it’s not about how good you are at making correct computations. Accounting can take up a lot of valuable time and effort that you should be spending on increasing profitability. Getting a great tool is totally worth it when what you spend on it actually helps you make more money.


How you choose an Amazon bookkeeping software program really depends on your business goals. Make sure that you have a clear business plan for the Amazon marketplace, plus any other channel you sell on. Then you can test out and invest in the best accounting tools for your needs. 


We hope that you got a lot out of this 2022 list of our top 6 Amazon accounting software tools for sellers. Find and leverage good accounting support to help take your business to the next level!


If you’re interested in taking bookkeeping and accounting off your plate, reach out to us at EcomBalance. EcomBalance is on a mission to help thousands of companies better understand their numbers. We can provide you with a custom pricing quote so you can see how much it would cost to hand bookkeeping off to a highly qualified group of eCommerce bookkeeping and accounting experts.

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