7 Best Accounting Software Options For Etsy Sellers


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Are you browsing for Etsy bookkeeping or Etsy accounting software for your startup or growing business but don’t know where to start? 


Well, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled the top accounting and bookkeeping solutions that Etsy sellers can consider to level up their financial management. 


1. Craftybase


etsy accounting software


First on our list is Craftybase. Craftybase is primarily software for inventory tracking and management that also has bookkeeping software packaged in. Their Etsy bookkeeping software pairs well with their Etsy inventory management platform since their solutions are designed for small manufacturers. The Craftybase perpetual inventory management application makes easy work of calculating unit costs and applying them to sold products. Their solutions are cost-effective and intuitive, and offer year-round inventory monitoring. 


What can you do with Craftybase: 


  • Automate your inventory management – organize your materials into searchable lists with attached photos, keep full purchase histories, create recipes for material combinations, 
  • Access all your sales, stock, financial, and customer data in one place that is backed up and secure
  • Automatically imports Etsy products and orders daily to save you from manual spreadsheeting 
  • Access detailed profit breakdowns for orders
  • Their pricing guidance feature provides pricing suggestions based on the cost of your materials and labor 
  • Track COGS in real time and get the data for your Form 1040
  • Access detailed and valuable inventory reports, charts, and graphs 
  • Generate other vital reports such as Profit and Loss, Expenditure & Revenue, Inventory Valuation, Schedule C (COGS), as well as reports detailing popular products and which customers are generating the most revenue for you
  • Track stock levels and receive low stock alerts notifying you to make your next order
  • Track expenses with customizable categories
  • Stay compliant with full traceability of product and materials


2. Xero


etsy accounting software


Xero is a popular online accounting software used by over 3.5 million people in over 180 countries. This tool was created to help small businesses grow, which makes it an ideal accounting software for Etsy sellers. They lose the technical language in favor of easy-to-use software that anyone can understand. However, this software is also great for accountants and bookkeepers. Aside from their tools, Xero also connects business owners with one of their financial advisors to help them along the way. 


Xero allows owners to collaborate with their accountants and bookkeepers, automate accounting processes, and integrate their software with over a thousand apps. 


Xero also cares about the safety of your data, provides multiple layers of protection, and is compliant with industry-standard security management systems.  


With Xero, you have everything you need to: 


  • Pay bills
  • Pay and get paid in multiple currencies
  • Claim expenses with expense management tools
  • Connect your bank accounts
  • Track your projects
  • Reconcile transactions
  • Store files
  • Capture data
  • Manage your contacts 
  • Access and run financial reports
  • Track inventory
  • Create and send invoices
  • Create and send purchase orders
  • Create professional quotes
  • Track and manage fixed assets
  • Track cash flow and other metrics with Xero Analytics
  • Access an accounting dashboard to track daily operations


3. Wave

 etsy accounting software


Wave is a one-stop shop for your financial management needs. This award-winning software has helped small businesses with their accounting, invoicing, and US-only banking needs. What’s unique about this is that they offer these solutions for free. So, if you’re only looking for affordable Etsy accounting software, you can’t get any more affordable than that! However, they also offer other optional paid solutions, including payroll software, payment processing, and personalized bookkeeping. They are another accounting software for Etsy you can use without needing to be an accountant.


Their smart and intuitive dashboard allows you to easily see an organized view of your financial health, including income, expenses, payments, and invoices. This way, you never have to worry about missing a document when tax time comes. 


Their free accounting software gets you up and running fast, backs up your data, and offers several layers of protection for that data. Connect your banks, track and manage your cash flow easily, access the reports you need (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow), and gain insights and trends to help you make better-informed business moves. 


If you need extra help, want to pass the work onto someone else completely, and are willing to pay some money for it, Wave gives you access to personal advisors that can handle that all for you.  


4. FreshBooks


etsy accounting software


FreshBooks is accounting software created for business owners and accountants. From freelancers and self-employed professionals to business owners hiring employees and contractors, they have the tools to support you and your business. Their Etsy bookkeeping software includes two plans, but they also have a custom quote option to fit even the most complex of needs. This includes assigning you a dedicated account manager. 


FreshBooks includes more than 100 integrations, including Gmail, which allows you to create and send voices from there. 


You also have access to award-winning customer support ready to assist you every step of the way. 


With FreshBooks, you can:


  • Create and send unlimited, professional invoices
  • Send unlimited estimates and proposals 
  • Customize email templates with dynamic fields
  • Automatically track mileage and expenses, capture receipts data, send payment reminders, and set up recurring billing
  • Track accounts payable
  • Track project profitability
  • Access double-entry accounting tools and reports for profit, spending, cash flow, and other financial health reports
  • Connect your accounts and use automated Bank Reconciliation to import transactions for easy reviewing and expense tracking
  • Collaborate with team members and clients with FreshBooks Projects
  • Invite and collaborate with your accountant 
  • Access their mobile app so you can manage invoicing, expense tracking, and project tracking on the go


5. Zoho Books


A screenshot of the Zoho Books accounting software website home page.



Zoho Books is part of Zoho’s suite of solutions that offer accounting software for Etsy sellers and other small businesses looking for a financial management solution. Track and manage financials end-to-end, automate workflows, and collaborate with your people. Zoho also keeps up to date on tax compliance and finance trends. Its updated data security allows you to store your documents worry-free. 


Zoho’s features allow you to:


  • Connect your bank and automatically reconcile, categorize, and get them prepped for tax time 
  • Set up automatic rules to categorize transactions for you
  • Generate and customize over 70 financial reports at any time, or schedule them to run weekly, monthly, or quarterly
  • Access actionable insights and share the data with your team
  • Access data directly from their easy-to-use dashboard
  • Collaborate with your team members, accountants, CFOs, auditors, etc. 
  • Track time and manage multiple projects
  • Manage customer and vendor relations with ease via customer and vendor portals
  • Track your inventory and create and manage purchase orders
  • Customize sales orders
  • Track and manage accounts receivable and payable
  • Send automatic payment reminders and set up recurring billing
  • Send invoices and make payment easy with Zoho payment gateway integrations.
  • Connect with multiple platforms, over 300 apps with Zapier, and access more than 50 apps within the Zoho suite.


6. QuickBooks


etsy accounting software


QuickBooks by Intuit is probably the most popular cloud-based financial management and accounting software. What makes QuickBooks an ideal Etsy accounting software is the fact that it is easy to use and affordable. Its solutions are also flexible, catering to freelancers up to mid-sized businesses. Their solutions include two variations of their software, namely QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. 


With QuickBooks, you can:


  • Connect your account, automatically reconcile, and sort transactions
  • Track your income and expenses
  • Access a customizable dashboard where you can monitor the real-time performance of your business 
  • Send customizable invoices and quotes 
  • Track incoming or outgoing VAT 
  • Generate VAT reports for tax filing
  • Give your accountant and other members access to reports and other data 
  • Run valuable reports, gain key insights, and share these reports and financial summaries with your partners or accounting team 
  • Track worker time with timesheet management or let them log themselves
  • Track project profitability by tracking non-billable time, profits, expenses, etc. by project or location
  • Set up recurring transactions
  • Track bills and pay them at once
  • Track inventory, COGS (cost of goods sold), create purchase orders and manage suppliers
  • Create and manage budgets and run reports on them 
  • Automate workflows, backups, and data restoration  
  • Access a dedicated account team 
  • Access Exclusive Premium Apps


If you want to learn more about pricing and QuickBooks’ pros and cons, check out our beginner’s guide

7. Sage


A screenshot of the Sage website home page.


Last but not least, we have Sage. Sage is a cloud accounting system catering to freelancers, small businesses, medium-sized differences, and those in between. Their solutions include accounting, payment, and payroll solutions. Their integrated Etsy accounting and Etsy bookkeeping software is easy to set up, affordable, customizable, collaborative, compliant, and secure. Its three primary accounting solutions are Sage Intacct, Sage 50, and Sage Accounting.


With Sage, you can: 


  • Automate your accounts receivable – online payment processing, credit management, set up recurring billing
  • Automate your accounts payable – workflow automation, receipt capture, vendor management 
  • Create, send, track, and manage professional and customizable invoices
  • Track inventory – see real-time stock levels, forecast demand, barcoding
  • Manage your orders – automated order processing, order fulfillment, shipping and delivery, customer management database 
  • Automate purchase order creation – multi-currency capabilities 
  • Manage and track expenses
  • Customize reports, track metrics, and get a view of business health and performance
  • Automate online billing 
  • Automate bank reconciliation and data backup 
  • Track and manage fixed assets and stay compliant 
  • Set budgets, set budget limits, and track your spending
  • Access startup budget templates
  • Get a full view of your cash flow 
  • Access tax-compliant software to stay updated and compliant
  • Access integrated accounting software
  • Manage finances on Mac, iPhone, and iPad 


Final Thoughts on Accounting Software for Etsy Sellers


And that’s our list! Did any of our picks of Etsy accounting software pique your interest? Before making a decision, make sure you evaluate your business, research these options even more thoroughly, and maybe also check out our Top 11 Online Bookkeeping Services For Growing Businesses.


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